nature inspired white bedroom with a plant

Modern Natural Bedroom Ideas

Author: James Higgins

We’ve all got our favoured style and ideas about how we’d enhance our bedrooms, no matter the size. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to give your space the modern makeover it deserves, while also maintaining those important eco-friendly elements. 

With this in mind, we’ve identified some of the easiest and most effective ways of styling a contemporary bedroom through natural bedroom décor, furniture, and accessories. So, without further ado, read on to discover the simple ways you can create the organic modern bedroom you’ve always wanted. 

1. Organic mattress

We spend a huge portion of our lives in bed, so it’s important to give your body a comfortable place to recharge. And there’s no better place to start than replacing your old mattress. Not only does restyling your space give you the chance to upgrade your existing bedding, but it also gives you the opportunity to find a mattress that complements your modern bedroom aesthetic.

When choosing a new mattress, one of the most important things to consider is the filling. After all, you’ll want to be sleeping on something you can trust. Here at Ethical Bedding, we’ve combined luxury with total comfort to provide the ultimate sleeping solution; you’ll find a blend of bamboo, coconut, organic cotton, and more to give you a hypoallergenic, relaxing, and environmentally friendly mattress that’s guaranteed to last at least 15 years.


2. Organic bedsheets and coverings

Speaking of new bedding, bedsheets and blankets can quickly and easily enhance any modern bedroom aesthetic. From crisp flat sheets and practical fitted sheets to luxury eucalyptus throws and thick and cosy blankets (both of which can quite feasibly be used all around the home), switch out your existing bedding for organic alternatives to inject modern charm.

If you want to learn more about choosing bedsheets, explore our handy guide explaining the differences between flat sheets and fitted sheets


3. Organic duvet covers

Treat yourself to an organic duvet cover and enjoy complete bedroom luxury, as well as modern statement style. Your duvet is your top bedding layer and one of the first things you see when you step into your space, so it’s essential to choose a style that complements your contemporary design scheme. 

At Ethical Bedding, our crisp-white range of environmentally friendly duvet covers are elegantly chic and minimalistic, providing the perfect finishing touch to your modern bedroom. Enjoy a silky-touch finish that’s also naturally hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and healthy for your hair and skin, and get used to experiencing a better night’s sleep.


woman placing duvet on a bed

Indulge In Our Bamboo Duvet (Eucalyptus & Bamboo) - From £89


4. Organic pillows and pillowcases

Other essential bedding elements to consider are your pillows and pillowcases, both of which can contribute to both improved sleep and a striking modern bedroom design. Elevate your contemporary design scheme with white bedding that complements a minimalistic finish or add splashes of colour through accessories and stylish square pillows. 

While your sheets give you a soft sleeping surface and your duvet keeps you warm, high-quality pillows and pillowcases can support your head and neck to keep your comfortable throughout the night. But not only that; the ultra-smooth eucalyptus silk used to make our popular pillowcases is proven to aid hair and skincare, making them the perfect choice if you’re looking to upgrade both style and standard. 


ethical beddings stock photo of our bamboo pillow

5. Natural candles and essential oils

Natural fragrances are a simple way to enhance your space and give you bedroom a welcoming feel, whether you’re enjoying a lazy weekend or finally getting into bed after a long day. From natural scented candles to room sprays and essential oils, the energising and uplifting benefits of home fragrances complements any modern aesthetic. 

No matter whether you keep your candles on the window sill, give your bedding a quick spray each morning, or enjoy the soft and relaxing aroma of premium essential oils before bed, introducing high-quality and all-natural fragrances is one of the easiest ways to improve any room. 


6. Paint your bedroom walls

Give your bedroom the modern makeover it deserves with a fresh lick of non-toxic paint (this refers to tins that identify the paint as low or no VOCs – or ‘volatile organic compounds’ – which can cause respiratory issues), making sure to identify colours and combinations that complement your contemporary aesthetic. 

For example, white and light-shaded walls can help to give your bedroom a bigger feel, while pops of colour throughout will add a modern edge. Although, of course, the most important consideration to make is choosing a colour you love!


7. Choose natural fibre rugs 

A rug is a quick and easy way to change up the style of your floor and transform your bedroom without going to too much effort – you can even switch out alternating styles depending on the season. However, it’s important to choose a design and material that both complements your modern layout and introduces a natural feel into your space. 

Organic cotton and wool are excellent options and can effortlessly alter the energy of your space and revitalise your bedroom, to give you a cosy and comfortable haven that you can fall in love with each and every day. 

To really enhance your modern bedroom, consider also swapping out your old carpets for natural wood flooring, for an easy-clean surface that keeps dust, mites, and germs at bay. Combining new flooring with a chic rug will really elevate your space and give you the modern bedroom you’ve been looking for. 


8. Light blocking curtains

Curtains are an extremely effective way at adding contemporary colours and textures to your bedroom, and directly improving sleep quality – especially if you’re often kept up at night with beaming lights and activity outside. 

Light blocking curtains are particularly useful, as they can even help to keep the heat in during winter and out during summer, to ensure you’re completely comfortable in bed no matter the temperature. So keep an eye out for fabrics that complement your bedding, rugs, and soft features, to add the perfect finishing touch to your modern organic bedroom. 


9. Opt for a warm colour scheme

Your chosen colour palette can go a long way towards enhancing your bedroom and transforming your space into the modern layout you’ve always pictured. Warm shades like neutrals, whites, creams, beiges, and browns will help to inject a natural feel while complementing your minimalist aesthetic and modern furniture, bedding, and accessories. 

Not only do warm tones effortlessly and elegantly combine with other colours, but they’re also relatively timeless and will easily endure any significant layout, furniture, or feature changes you make to your bedroom. 


10. Layer your textures

Give your bedroom a contemporary edge with textured layers throughout, from bedding elements through to your chosen rugs and flooring materials. This means paying attention to the types of soft furnishings you choose, and how they can complement and enhance your layout. 

Simple ways to add modern textures include identifying decorative pillows and practical throw blankets, whether for your bed or furniture. And just as above; consider the colours carefully. Do you want neutral shades that offer minimalistic charm or vibrant pops of colour that offer a contemporary contrast against white walls and bedding?


11. Welcome nature into your space

It might sound obvious, but one of the most effective ways of making your room feel that little bit more organic is through the introduction of nature itself. Not only can plants flood your room with vibrant and uplifting colour, but they’re also proven to reduce indoor air quality and boost your mood. 

If you like the idea of white flowers, consider peace lilies and jasmine, or if you’d prefer classic greens opt for English ivy, aloe vera, or spider plants. And if you want to learn even more about welcoming nature into your home, explore our handy guide on choosing the best plants for your bedroom.


12. Choose contemporary features

Alongside the key natural bedroom ideas outlined above, there are also some super-simple contemporary features you can introduce when styling your space. For instance: 


- Headboard: An oversized headboard can quickly become a focus point, offering you the opportunity to inject colour and texture on a smaller scale than a full statement wall. 

- Lighting: Lamps are a practical addition to any space, adding a warm and ambient feel to your layout, so consider the style and material and how it complements your overall aesthetic. 

- Artwork: Art is completely subjective and so a great way to inject a little personality into your bedroom, but it can also help add an organic edge depending on the colours you choose. 

- Accessories: Choosing sustainable accessories and furniture pieces can be an easy way to elevate your space and complement an organic aesthetic, while maintaining a modern feel.


Hopefully, with our bedroom guide to styling a modern space to hand, you feel a little more confident about the ways you can enhance your organic layout. And if you’ve found this helpful, why not discover even more from our experts over on the Ethical Bedding blog, including luxury bedroom ideas and our top tips for creating a zen bedroom.