Homeless Support

Give a little back

You're probably blissfully enjoying the best sleep you've ever had in your new bed sheets...

But did you know that research by Shelter found that around 320,000 people are homeless in the UK? Sadly, that equates to about 1 in 200 people...

Homelessness is increasing every year in the UK, and although we can't solve it on our own, we can all help to improve the lives of those less fortunate than us.

Can you guess what the single most requested items from homeless shelters and charities is? Bedding.

 Shelter UK

Our Commitment

Every month, we distribute all of our returned products to homeless shelters. Simple.

Our current partnership is with St. Mungo's in London. Their outreach teams go out each night to meet people who are homeless and help them off the streets. They offer a bed and support to 2,850 people across the south and south west every night. They prevent and support people during their recovery from homelessness, and you can support them financially by donating here.

st mungos homeless charity


Your Commitment

When you replace your bedding, we ask that you please donate your unwanted items to a local homeless charity or project.

Homeless link have a useful tool on their website so you can quickly find your nearest local homelessness services in England. Just give them a call and see if they are in need - it's really easy!

Find local homelessness charity

Why donate?

This doesn't just improve the lives of others by keeping them warm and helping them get back on their feet. Direct recycling also protects the environment by drastically increasing the lifespan of your unwanted products. It's kind of a no-brainer...

Lots of small changes can contribute to a wider societal change, and we hope you can be part of it too.