16 zen bedroom ideas

16 zen bedroom ideas

Author: James Higgins

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary; a place that supports relaxation and cosiness as you wind down after a long day or settle down to sleep. But how exactly do you go about creating a space that facilitates a comfortable and soothing headspace?


In this article, we’ve outlined 16 tried-and-trusted, peaceful zen bedroom ideas for you to adopt to improve your space and make resting easy. So, without further ado, find out how to make your bedroom a haven.

What is zen?

An ancient Buddhist teaching that originated in China around 1,200-1,400 years ago, zen has evolved in the western world to represent a state of peaceful and calming tranquillity. For interior design, this means choosing features, furniture, and accessories that complement a relaxing state and enhance a healthy mind, body, and soul. 


In many ways, zen borrows many elements from ‘Feng Shui’, with both being very similar concepts. There’s an emphasis on a clutter-free environment that aids a positive flow of healthy and refreshing energy, and contributes to feelings of enlightenment. 


16 tips to make your room more zen

We know what zen means and how styling your bedroom around peaceful comfort can aid feelings of relaxation. But what steps can you take to make your room more zen? We’ve outlined 16 straightforward, calming bedroom ideas you can adopt with ease.  


1. Less is more

When styling a peaceful space, it’s essential to cut down on clutter where at all possible. This includes over-decoration, overwhelming ornaments, and unnecessary accessories, which can all pose as a distracting presence in your otherwise zen environment.

Avoid filling your bedroom, instead aiming to be more intentional with your zen room décor choices and choosing sentimental and subtle additions that you love. Not only will this help to make your bedroom feel more relaxing and zen, but you’ll also find that decorating will require less time and tidying will become that bit easier. 


2. Incorporate curved shapes

While sharp corners and angles can be considered harsh additions to any environment, curves and sweeping shapes offer a peaceful and calming presence in your bedroom. Of course, you might not be able to avoid corners when it comes to furniture pieces like cupboards and closets but aim to minimise sharp edges and incorporate curves where otherwise possible – such as your bedframe and soft furnishings. 


3. Choose low profile furniture

While it’s often easy to be tempted by large furniture and grand focal points, a zen bedroom instead favours low profile features and subtle pieces that combine simplicity with chic elegance. Low profile furniture that’s also literally low to the ground is considered more ‘grounded’ and more likely to encourage feelings of calmness and comfort.


4. Pick minimalism

Perhaps the best-known feature of zen bedrooms is their minimalist design. It’s an essential element that can’t be overlooked and combines elegantly simple furniture choices with neutral colour schemes and subtle textures. In short, only include the necessary features, and prioritise a light and airy atmosphere. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t exercise a little personality though; feel free to incorporate stylish artwork, cosy bedding, and chic lighting. Just remember to leave space to move and breathe, and even if you have a large bedroom, resist the urge to fill it for the sake of it. 


5. Clear the clutter

We may have already alluded to it, but only because it’s such an important part of styling a truly zen space: clear the clutter! Among the most relaxing bedroom ideas on our list; this means avoiding piling books on your bedside table, making sure you’re regularly tidying away accessories, and ensuring each surface is completely unburdened. 


6. Add a touch of nature 

In any bedroom, it can be extremely beneficial to add a touch of natural life and greenery, and zen designs are no different. Not only do plants and flora align with the peaceful principles of zen living, but they look great and inject a little organic colour and personality into your space. 

If you’re looking for a little inspiration when choosing the best plants for your bedroom, consider anything from snake plants and aloe vera to lavender and English ivy. 

However, plants and greenery aren’t the only ways to inject the natural world into your bedroom, with wooden features and earthy hues also great choices.


7. Choose a natural colour palette

The colour of your bedroom, whether it’s your walls, furniture, or accessories, is one of the first things anyone will notice when they step through your door, so it’s important to establish a calming presence through a zen palette.

Warm, neutral tones and monochrome help to develop a serene setting that ensures relaxation, while you can always add a splash of colour through art, light fixtures, or a throw blanket. Just be sure to steer away from anything that’s overly vibrant, with white, charcoal, and greys the fundamental shades – if you stick to these, you’ll not go far wrong!


8. Let the light in

In a zen-style bedroom, it’s key to flood your space with light. While you might not necessarily be able to install floor to ceiling windows for a natural feel, you can incorporate minimalist pendant solutions to give your room a relaxing and charming atmosphere. 


9. Use layers

In any zen bedroom, it’s crucially important to incorporate layers that add subtle depth to your space. This is especially useful if you’re used to maximalist designs but want to transition into something a little more understated. Consider combining complementary bedding fabrics, soft textures, and neutral colours for a beautifully cosy finish that makes slipping into a slumber an absolute dream.


10. Avoid negative symbolism

Negativity is the antithesis of zen styling, so avoid gloomy symbolism wherever possible. This refers to anything that aids conflict in your bedroom and prohibits you from entering a peaceful headspace. 

Whether it’s cluttered surfaces and bundled bedding or furniture that just feels a little out of place, it’s important to assess your layout and address anything that contradicts tranquillity. 


11. Install secret storage

With tidiness, clean lines, and minimalism essential elements of any zen bedroom, it can be useful to install secret storage solutions that keep everything effortlessly in order. This way, you can keep all of your belongings without worrying about cluttering your space. Where possible, choose sleek and elegant furniture that doubles up as effective storage, to keep only the necessities in view.


12. Position your bed centrally

Positioning your bed in the centre of your room is an effective way of incorporating and improving feelings of calmness and tranquillity. Even if your bedroom is a little smaller than you’d like, avoid pushing the side of the frame flush against the wall – though, you can of course keep the head and headboard against a solid surface.  


13. Opt for a symmetrical aesthetic

Flank your bed with symmetrically designed features and accessories for an elegant and charming zen finish, making sure everything is even and identical. You don’t need to ensure everything is exact and precisely measured but keeping a pair of bedside tables and lamps can go a long way. This is visually appealing and curiously calming and can be a wonderfully simple-yet-effective design choice. 


14. Strike a balance

If you’re finding it difficult to construct a symmetrical layout, at least aim to strike a sense of balance that complements other zen design features. Whether it’s your furniture, lighting, or the textures and colours that complete your bedroom, ensure each element is equally weighted. 


15. Use plush textures

A cosy bedroom is a comfortable one, so add plush features throughout – especially when it comes to your bedding. After all, you’re going to spend approximately a third of your life in bed, so don’t hesitate when it comes to choosing quality materials. Other ways of incorporating plush textures include rugs and throw blankets that make getting into bed a pleasure. 


16. Make your bedroom an electronic-free space

Finally, for a completely zen space that’s as calming as it is simple and elegant, make your bedroom a technology-free zone. While you might be tempted to set a TV on the wall or spend evenings scrolling through social media, electronics can have a noticeably negative impact on the quality of your sleep. So, before you get into bed, make sure to switch off.


Hopefully, with our bedroom decorating tips at the ready, you can confidently make positive changes to your space, and comfortably contribute to feelings of relaxation and calm serenity while adhering to the popular zen principles. 

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