• ethical-bedding-eucalyptus-silk-bed-sheets-pillows-duvets-pillowcases-blankets
  • ethical-bedding-eucalyptus-silk-bed-sheets-pillows-duvets-pillowcases-blankets
  • ethical-bedding-eucalyptus-silk-bed-sheets-pillows-duvets-pillowcases-blankets
  • ethical-bedding-eucalyptus-silk-bed-sheets-pillows-duvets-pillowcases-blankets

Bundle up and save up to 40% today. Simple.

Sweet dreams are made of leaves... So we plant a tree for every purchase. 🌿

We believe in the highest quality, environmentally friendly sleep with a fair year-round pricing model. For the best value, our bundle prices include savings of up to 40% and we guarantee the sleep of your dreams or your money back.

Sumptuously soft sheets

Delightfully done duvets

Perfectly plump pillows

Totally terrific toppers

Particularly plush protectors

Beautifully buttery blankets

"Genuinely innovative, best-in-class sleep products. Ethical Bedding have perfectly combined luxury living with sustainability. Absolutely oozes quality."

Made From Eucalyptus

That’s why all our sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, cool-to-the-touch, and softer than any other fabric.

Woven By Experts

Our tailors have specialised in luxury bedding for generations, get paid a generous wage, and absolutely love working with us.

Mother Earth Approved

Our Eucalyptus fibre is incredibly eco-friendly, and has won multiple awards for its low environmental impact.

Eucalyptus vs Cotton


Hot Sleeper?

Cool-to-the-touch and moisture wicking, so you won’t feel like you’ve sweat the bed.

Happier Skin

Eucalyptus is naturally hypoallergenic, and also dermatologist recommended.

Planet Approved

Eucalyptus trees naturally repel insects; whereas, cotton uses 20% of the world's insecticides.


Cold Sleeper?

Our breathable sheets will keep you snug and warm without making you overheat.

More Hygienic

Eucalyptus lyocell doesn’t attract dust, dirt, or hair - a far cleaner sleeping environment.

Buttery Smooth

Outrageously soft and indulgent. Plus they are designed to get even softer with every wash.

Sleep With Purpose



Less water used than cotton


Zero herbicides, pesticides or toxic chemicals


Carbon neutral & closed loop



Sustainably grown eucalyptus


Revenue donated to global sustainability initiatives


Tree planted per customer

Ridiculously Comfortable


Award-winning Eucalyptus

Naturally Softer

Perfectly round fibre filaments means lower surface friction. Dermatologist recommended.

Zero Static

Caring for your skin and hair whilst you sleep, with the same natural properties as silk.

Temperature Regulating

Best regulator of body temperature for perfect sleep. Breathable and cosy simultaneously.

More Hygienic

Stays fresher for longer and requires less washing. Dry and hostile environment for bacteria growth.

Sustainable Eucalyptus

Grown in biodiverse farms, responsibly managed and governed by Forest Stewardship Council.

Zero Toxic Chemicals

No herbicides, pesticides or toxic chemicals are required, we leave it entirely up to nature.

Your Bedtime Stories

Star Star Star Star Star
Heavenly sleep!

I'm officially converted, so so happy with these beautiful pillowcases. I got the colour pearl wheat and they're super luxurious and perfect to sink into!

Amy M.

Star Star Star Star Star
Best sleep ever

Outstanding quality is the best way to describe the fabric.

Honestly feels like I am sleeping in silk sheets.

Renier L.

Star Star Star Star Star
So comfortable

Love it. I have struggled to get a pillow that I feel totally comfortable with but this is perfect. Will be buying for all of my beds! Thank you for the best nights sleep ever.

Susan H.

Star Star Star Star Star

Been sleeping like a baby. So soft and love that it’s eco-friendly. Everything came in drawstring bags so perfect for storage. Delivery was very quick.

Maria D.

Star Star Star Star Star
Softest ever!

The softest I ever had, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. And it has the very nice natural finer feel that satin sheets don’t have. It was the perfect fit size for our bed.

Aurelie B.