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BBC One's Flagship Business Show

Our Founder James, showcased Ethical Bedding to the Dragons: Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, Steven Bartlett and Peter Jones. Read about our appearance on Dragons’ Den, with the true story revealed at the end...

The Dragons' Den Experience...

There are very few things left in the world that I find genuinely exhilarating any more - but this was certainly one of them. Nervousness, excitement, fear and joy.

As an opportunity to showcase Ethical Bedding and what we are working towards, it was a terrific platform. Honestly, I approached the experience as I approach most things in life - with a positive attitude, a pure heart and a wide smile. Given the opportunity to turn back time, would I have said or positioned a few things differently? Perhaps, but then again perhaps not...

The Outcome

I am someone who very much lives in the present so although the public portrayal of our business felt like a setback in some ways, the reality is that it serves as a reminder to be patient and let life happen. Ethical Bedding is much bigger than me, and I'm personally only a small part of what we will achieve as an organisation. It was fantastic to have received an offer from Touker Suleyman, but my instincts were telling me to decline... As I said in my original pitch (for which over 90% was cut out of the edit), we are only looking for partners that truly believe in the long term vision of our brand.

As a showcase and an enabler for outstanding British businesses and entrepreneurs to have a voice, it really is a fantastic opportunity. My warning to any entrepreneurs thinking of going on the show is to proceed with caution because this is not a business focused television show, it's a reality TV show focused on cheap entertainment. The contract that you sign with the BBC means that they have full control over the final edit, enabling them to falsely convey any story that they wish to tell. After two hours of building rapport and engaging in intriguing conversations with the Dragons about Ethical Bedding, the image of our business was misrepresented. There was no real focus on the quality of our products (for which all the Dragons absolutely loved!), our vision for the future, and our outstanding achievements to date - which for a public service broadcaster is wholly disingenuous. Although a highly apologetic phone call from a producer at the BBC the next morning was appreciated, the motivations behind representing our business insincerely and thoughtlessly remain unexplained...

The True Story Revealed.

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