wide angle view of luxury bedroom

26 Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Author: James Higgins

From big to small and modern to classic, every bedroom size and style can be easily transformed into a luxuriously relaxing haven that complements your own personality and design choices. 

Whether it’s introducing quality bedding, reorganising your accessories, or giving your walls and flooring a little love, it’s really quite simple to upgrade your space and create a bedroom that truly stands out. 

And, to make things even more straightforward, we’ve picked out 26 tried-and-tested luxury bedroom ideas you’re sure to love. So, without further ado, read on to find out how to give your bedroom the chic and elegant look you’ve always wanted. 

1. Make your bed the focal point

luxury small bedroom

As the key piece of furniture in your bedroom, your bed is naturally the focal point. So why not choose something that complements your style and instantly grabs attention? Whether it’s picking out statement bedding or choosing a stand-out headboard or frame, there’s plenty you can be doing to help your bed truly stand out and get the attention it deserves.

2. Incorporate a decadent headboard

bedroom with decadent headboard

Your choice of headboard says a lot about your sense of style, and picking out the right fixture can elevate your bedroom to new, luxurious standards. From elegant fabrics to bespoke designs that climb your bedroom wall, identify a headboard size, material, and patterning that complements your taste and makes a serious statement alongside your bedding and accessories.

3. Add texture and warmth with a rug

neutral coloured bedroom with stylish statement rug

Your bedroom is more than just your bed and bedding, so look beyond the furniture and accessorise your floor with an elegant and homely rug that’s guaranteed to provide a warm and textured dynamic to your space. Whether you choose eye-catching patterns, colours, and florals, or opt for something a little more understated, a high-quality rug can really pull your bedroom design together. 

4. Centre your scheme around one colour and curate your palette

blue and white colour themed bedroom

Your chosen colour scheme can have a huge impact on the way your bedroom feels, so it’s important to consider all your options. Of course, whites and creams will naturally encourage feelings of luxurious comfort, but don’t be afraid to introduce bold colours across your bedroom. Neutrals are classic, but bright hues are exciting and can give your space an edge. 

5. Consider a four-poster bed

four posted bed in wooden theme bedroom

Among the most glamourous bedroom ideas and long-associated with luxury comfort, a four-poster bed is the ultimate sign of chic opulence. The perfect addition to any bedroom size, a four-poster bed provides a comfortable cosiness in your smaller space, while the classic style provides an unmatched elegance in a larger bedroom. That said, make sure to measure your room dimensions before investing in a four-poster, as you’ll require enough room both sideways and upwards!

6. Try a canopy

large bed with white canopy

If you don’t quite fancy a four-poster bed, why not pick out a luxurious overhead canopy instead? A little less imposing, while still maintaining the same high-quality elegance of a four-poster, a canopy provides depth to any bedroom. With endless options to consider, pick between different fabrics, colours, and trims, for a finish that complements your bedding, walls, and frame. 

7. Pick chic lighting

bed closeup with chic lighting

Lighting is an important element when styling any space, but it’s especially crucial when upgrading your bedroom. Consider ways you can introduce a soft warmth through floor and tabletop lamps, ceiling installations, and pendant lighting, choosing shades and styles that complement your personal taste. 

8. Construct a feature wall

bedroom with feature wall

Whatever your style, be it minimalist, maximalist, classic, or contemporary, there’s room to consider a feature wall in your bedroom. Consider everything from bold-coloured panels to artistic murals, or even just one wall painted in contrast to the rest. 

9. Display art on your walls

piece of artwork hanging above bed in bedroom

Your bedroom is a reflection of your own personality, and artwork is a great way to express your character. Elevate your space and inject a sense of identity through your favourite prints, paintings, or photography, filling your walls as much or as little as you’d like. 

10. Review your bedside table 

bed side table with plant and lamp on it

While your bedding, flooring, and walls are all key focuses when upgrading your bedroom, it’s important not to overlook your bedside table. Avoid cluttering your nightstand with too many accessories, but do consider picking out a beautiful lamp and textured lampshade that complements your bedding and statement rug. 

11. Go for a minimalist aesthetic

minimalist white bedroom

A modern luxury bedroom doesn’t always have to mean decadence and opulence, so why not opt for a minimalist aesthetic that elevates the basics? Pair painted walls with chic feature lighting or statement accessories, or introduce a touch of Scandinavian hygge with crisp sheets and a cosy rug. And of course, a clean and clutter-free floor space goes without saying!

12. Include trendy seating

bedroom with stylish sofa

One of the more straightforward ways to establish a luxurious look: if your bedroom allows it, both in terms of space and style, consider introducing a separate seating area for reading, writing, and relaxing. Combine a comfortable armchair with a stylish floor lamp, and create the perfect cosy area to while away the evening hours. 

13. Match the ceiling with the floor

When styling your bedroom, consider matching your floor and ceiling for a truly cosy, comfortably, and clean finish. This doesn’t mean carpeting your ceiling, of course, but it can mean choosing a textured wallpaper that mirrors your flooring. This technique also allows your bed to stand out as the statement piece of your space.

14. Go all out with layering and fabrics

stylish, decadent bedroom

A straightforward way to add a luxury feel to your bedroom is to incorporate exciting fabric layers that complement your bedding, walls, and accessories. Think thick rugs, patterned curtains, and vintage throws, for complete comfort and a stylish way to furnish your space.

15. Choose comfortable, high quality bedding

High-quality bedding is the hallmark of bedroom luxury, with chic and elegant sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases immediately enhancing any space. Give your room the hotel finish with soft eucalyptus silk sheets, adored for their comfortable breathability, cool moisture-wicking properties, and stunning aesthetic.

Eucalyptus silk sheet set on bed in grey

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16. Add greenery

lady lying on bed with dog in bedroom decorated with plants

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your space is to add touches of greenery, so pick out your favourite plants and accessorise your shelving, dresser, and desk. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to notice the difference almost-instantly. 

17. Declutter your dressing table

tidy white vanity in bedroom

Your dressing table is for everyday use, of course, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for untidiness. If you’ve become a little to used to a cluttered space, jam-packed with makeup, toiletries, and accessories, it might be time for a little tidy up. Find a home for everything and leave only the essentials in sight. 

18. Camouflage your storage

Storage space is absolutely essential in any bedroom, but that doesn’t mean your cupboards and wardrobe should steal the limelight from your bedding and accessories. Instead, consider built-in storage solutions that can be seamlessly camouflaged among your walls, whether painted, patterned, or wallpapered, and elegantly hide your clothes and clutter beyond sight. 

19. Upcycle antique finds

brown antique cabinet in room

Antique furniture and accessories can add a classic dynamic to any bedroom, providing dramatic luxury and personality to your space. From painted pieces to statement styles, keep an eye out for vintage additions that deliver depth and character. 

20. Use partitions

bedroom with partition

Whether your bedroom has become your home-office or your space is occupied by your partner’s dressing table, consider adding chic partitions to separate the different elements. Rather than creating a permanent divide, you might want to implement draping curtains that can be swept aside when not in use – picking out a luxury fabric that complements your bedding, of course!

21. Pile on the pillows

lots of pillows placed on bed in bedroom

Give your bed the hotel finish and pile on the pillows, styled to perfection and guaranteed to make your space feel that little bit more luxurious. Combine everything from regular-sized sleeping pillows to stylish square pillows and chic throw cushions – just try not to overstuff your bed! And for a little extra luxury, treat yourself to high-quality pillowcases crafted from the finest fabrics, such as eucalyptus silk or Egyptian cotton.

22. Use a throw

bed styled with a throw

Add the finishing touch to your bedding with a luxurious, high-quality throw blanket that oozes chic elegance. After all, even the plainest bedroom can be made to look high-end and expensive with carefully chosen fabrics. Consider the colours and textures, and try to complement your pillows for the ultimate luxury bedroom. 

23. Try panelling your walls

white wall panel design

Introducing wall panels to your bedroom can be a simple way of adding character to your space. Whether you panel all the way up or stop above your headboard, the endless colour and texture combinations are sure to bring your bedroom to life and provide striking visuals befitting of any luxury bedroom design. 

24. Choose your materials carefully

When choosing new bedding, it’s useful to consider high-quality fabrics that are naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, and indulgently soft. Choose materials that make getting into bed a dream, and make falling into a cosy slumber an effortless task. 

25. Include a mirror

wooden standing mirror in bedroom

Something as simple as a mirror can immediately elevate your bedroom and give it the luxury feel you’re looking for. Inject a little glitz with a stylish mirror above your dressing table, or hang a beautiful frame beside your bed to accentuate your space. To make your bedroom feel even bigger, you might even want to consider wardrobes that feature mirrored doors. 

26. Introduce natural scents

Finally, take the time to think about the scents you want to permeate your bedroom, with floral candles an excellent choice. Introducing relaxing smells can immediately enhance your space, creating a calm and tranquil environment that’s perfect for when you want to unwind. Just remember to blow them out before you go to bed!

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 And there you have it: 26 simple ways to enhance your bedroom and give your space a luxury edge. If you’re ready to upgrade your bedroom, why not check out our bestselling bedding, or for even more expert insight from our sleep experts, head on over to the Ethical Bedding blog