About Us

Our Mission


Our goal is to help make our customers more comfortable, whilst also making the planet more comfortable.

We do this by enabling easier, smarter, more sustainable choices for your bedroom with our organic bedding.

That's why all our organic bed sheets, duvet covers, flat sheets and pillowcases are earth-friendly, skin-friendly and cruelty-free.

All our bed linen and pillow cases are certified vegan-friendly by the Vegan Society. Plus we make regular, meaningful charitable donations to World Wildlife Fund and various environmental sustainability initiatives.


Who We Are

Our reason to exist.

Quality sleep,
shouldn't cost the Earth.

Cotton uses a huge amount of water, damages natural habitats, directly hurts animals and pollutes our planet.

All to create the stuff we sleep in.

That isn't fair.

We prefer to leave things better than how we found them, so our bedding is made differently:

- Doesn't hurt the planet in any way when it's made

- Improves your body, mind, and sleep quality when you use it

- Won't pollute the planet when you're finished with it

"Eco-friendly shouldn't mean compromising on luxury.

That's why we are reinventing sustainable, luxury bedding."

Bedding made better,
so you sleep easier.

We found the softest, most environmentally-friendly organic textile in the world, and then we tested it to find the perfect weave.

The results are breathtaking: super soft, incredibly smooth and exquisite to sleep in.

You will question why you ever slept in anything else.

We exclusively use 100% TENCEL™, which is harvested from sustainable eucalyptus trees.

It's produced using a closed loop manufacturing process, meaning all our products are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Our TENCEL™ is sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning that koalas and other animal friends get to keep their homes.


What We Make

Sustainable. Thoughtful. Luxurious.

Softer than cotton,
as smooth as silk.

Truly unlike any other organic bedding fabric in existence, our eucalyptus fibre is:

- Naturally hypoallergenic (no added toxic chemicals, we leave it to nature)

- Best regulator of body temperature (breathable and cosy simultaneously)

- More hygienic (stay fresher for longer and require less washing)

- Zero static (caring for your skin and hair whilst you sleep)

Eucalyptus fibres are more environmentally sustainable than organic cotton, requiring less land and 95% less water during production.

Notwithstanding the 2,000 chemicals used in conventional cotton production - we only use one and it's non-toxic.

"Homes are personal, which primarily should feel like you.

We simply design our bedding to help you feel yourself."

We help you,
to feel like you.

Comfort is a feeling we experience when the physical world combines with our emotions.

We design our products to trigger that feeling.

It's hard to describe the feeling of perfect comfort...

But if you could, it would be close to what you experience when you get into our sheets.

What We Believe

Creating a better world.

Company Ethos.
Life Ethos.

Our values are simple, and they align to how everyone in our growing team lives every single day:
  • Give something back to improve the world with every choice you make.
  • Listen to others and treat them with respect and dignity.
  • Enjoy yourself and be grateful for small pleasures every day.
  • Help someone new smile whenever you can.

"Most companies disregard anything but profit.

We exist to prove that you can do things differently."

Our Partners & Charities