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How We Make Bedding From Eucalyptus

Author: James Higgins

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The first question we always get

One of the first questions people ask us about our eucalyptus bedding is: 'How do you make bed sheets from trees?'

The Process

Our TENCEL sheets are made from the pulp of sustainable eucalyptus (grown on certified and sustainably managed farms) and the process is pretty neat:

  1. You dissolve wood pulp from high quality eucalyptus using a unique drying process called spinning.
  2. Before drying, wood chips get mixed with a solvent to produce a wet mixture.
  3. This wet mixture is then forced through small holes which forms the threads.
  4. Then it's chemically treated, with lengths of fibre spun into yarns, which is then woven into cloth.

Now we have our cloth, we work the fabric using traditional methods to produce the most sustainable, eco-luxury bedding on the market.

We do all our sewing, hand finishing and packaging (plastic free!) from a single production site to further reduce our carbon footprint. Even our signature buttons are made from recycled wood.

But isn't chopping down trees bad?

In case you were wondering, the wood and pulp is all sourced from sustainably managed plantations (but we don’t own them… yet!). And the chemicals used in the production process are recycled as part of a closed loop production process (99.5% recovery rate), which means no nasty extras entering the environment!

Although the process is already carbon neutral, we also plant trees locally in the UK depending on where our customers are located to help support your local environment.

Learn more about TENCEL

We are so incredibly proud of our eucalyptus silk products and and we hope you are proud to sleep in them too. Find out more about TENCEL and explore the other environmentally conscientious brands that are using this amazing material.