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Hi! We’re Ethical Bedding. We love luxury sleep & sustainability. We make bedding for people who love those things just as much - if not more - than us.


We're based in London but have team members all over the world nowadays (silver linings to a remote world...).


We believe in having fun while doing good. We have unlimited paid time off, sick days, not-feeling-it days... we take some Fridays off, love our animals, treat our customers the way we like other brands to treat us, and like to support local and global causes.


We genuinely like each other, yet never say "this team is a family" because... no.

Learn more about us here!

How do you give back?

We routinely donate to pressing causes that the Ethical Bedding community cares about, and are committed for this to be at least 1% of our global revenue. We are also a Certified BCorporation, meaning that we adhere to the highest ethical and sustainability standards, and that the goals of our company go beyond making profit.


For every order we receive, we also plant a tree.


Additionally, we encourage people to pass on their unused or prior sheets to homelessness charities.

Do you have any reviews?

You can see our reviews here

What are your certifications?

All of our products are OEKO-TEX® 100 certified. OEKO-TEX® is the international safety standard for textiles. There's a ton that goes into their testing, but the long and short of it is that "All product components have to be harmless without exception."


Many of our products are certified BPA-Free, which means when we do use plastics, they're the good plastics. Our products are sustainable from production through end-of-life.


Our bedding is Vegan, meaning it’s 100% cruelty-free and made without the use of animal by-products.

Care Questions

What are the best care instructions for the sheets and duvet covers?

  • Wash separately on Delicate cycle (cold water)
  • Dry on Gentle or Delicates with the lowest heat setting
  • No fabric softener or laundry pods as they may cause issues with discolouration and stains
  • No bleach recommended (oxygen-based bleach can be used in small amounts if need be)
  • Iron low heat, or simply hang dry and do not iron


Because our sheets stay fresher for longer between washes due to the hostile environment they create for bacteria, you don't need to wash them as frequently!


Important: for best longevity, remember to "rotate" your fitted sheet after you wash your sheets to avoid continuously sleeping in the same spot. That means the tag should also go on the top right every now and then!

Can I wash these sheets in hot water and dry high heat?

No, to maximize your enjoyment and lifespan of your sheets, we recommend washing separately on cold and drying on low heat. Delicate / gentle cycles for both.


The good news is that eucalyptus lyocell is much more naturally resistant to bacteria and dust mites than cotton and other fabrics (it evaporates moisture incredibly quickly, so it creates a hostile, anti-microbial environment).


Although we do not recommend putting the sheets in hot water and high heat, if you do decide to wash with warm water and dry with heat, they will still stay just as soft, breathable, colourful. That being said, you will likely see more fuzziness on the sheet sets; this won't affect the feeling, but they won't be as smooth-looking because the heat may fray the fibres.

Any products to avoid during the laundering process?

We do not recommend using fabric softener, bleach, or laundry pods as they can cause issues with discolouration and staining.

Can I use bleach?

If you would like to use bleach on our white sheet sets then we recommend using an oxygen-based bleach sparingly, but not chlorine bleach. We don’t recommend using chlorine bleach as chlorine can cause damage to the fibres.

How does washing in cold keep the sheets clean?

Because our eucalyptus sheets evaporate moisture so quickly they provide a dry, hostile environment that prevents growth for bacteria. 


Additionally, most detergents are formulated to be used in a cold wash; they also have enzymes that work in cooler temperatures that will kill living organisms and bacteria. Washing in cold will preserve and protect the dyes, and the fibres won’t fade.

Can I iron the sheets?

We do not recommend using an iron on our sheet sets (but if you, please use low heat); we find that steaming works best to help remove any wrinkling.

How do I remove stains?

To help remove the stains, we recommend pre-treating with Washing Up Liquid or a heavy-duty laundry detergent for approximately 15 minutes. Apply the solution directly to the stains and work it in by gently rubbing the fabric together with your fingers. This will allow the chemicals to break apart the oil molecules making them easier to flush out of the fabric fibres.

Help with an Existing Order

How can I track my order?

Your confirmation email will include your order number and tracking number. A link will take you to the tracking page where you can enter your tracking number.

My package didn't arrive - what do I do?

Please email our customer care team at support@ethicalbedding.com and they would be happy to help!



*Please note packages may arrive 24-48 hours after they are marked as delivered


I have an issue with my order!

Please email our Customer Care team at support@ethicalbedding.com. Include your order number and a photo of the issue you are experiencing, and they will help fix it for you!

How can I change/cancel my order?

Please send an email to our Customer Care team at support@ethicalbedding.com with your order number and/or any information you'd like to change and they'll do their best to make any changes before your order ships.


Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we do! Please contact us for further details on this. We can send an invoice privately, and because we are super nice we will even offer you a discount on it!

Can I get samples/swatches?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any samples or swatches at this time. That said, we do have a 100% no-questions-asked return policy if you purchase an item and are at all unhappy with it.

Is your site secure?

It sure is! Every transaction is secure and encrypted. We also do not store any credit card information.

Product Questions

What are the dimensions for your items?

Every product has a size guide in the description so you can find exactly what you need!

Will your sheets fit my thick mattress?

Our fitted sheets are deeper than usual (35cm, so fit even the thickest mattresses) and have super strong elastic all around to pinch for a perfect fit on 99% of beds.

What may cause discolouration?

There is a chemical called benzoyl peroxide (found in some face creams or acne creams) that can cause issues with discoloration.


Additionally, fabric softeners and laundry pods can cause discolouration as well.

What is the expected amount of lint?

It is normal for there to be a large amount of lint after the first few washes. For future washes, our sheets have about the same amount of fabric as a full load of wash, so a half-trap of lint in your dryer should be expected.

I have sensitive skin, should I expect any irritation?

Ethical Bedding's sheets are actually dermatologist-recommended for sensitive skin and hair!


Our sheets are hypoallergenic, OEKO-TEX certified (“harmless without exception”), so you should not experience any irritation. They're also better for sensitive skin because they have a lower surface friction (less irritation / snagging), and they have better anti-microbial properties than cotton sheets (dust mites will die off in our sheets vs multiply).

What kind of dyes do you use?

Coloured using all natural dyes.

What is the thread count for the sheets?

Our 300 thread count single-ply weave which gives the perfect balance between breathability, durability and luxury.

Are these safe for pets?

Yes, they're totally safe for pets and people! The leaves and oil can be toxic to animals, but our sheets are made from the wood and certified as 100% safe (OKEO-TEX certified).

Eucalyptus Questions

What is Eucalyptus Lyocell, exactly? Is it a natural fabric?

Lyocell is the technical name for our fabric, and because trees don't grow in the ground as a fiber like cotton, its classed as man-made (but don't get too hung up on that word).


Lyocell is a new "third-generation" of cellulosic rayon, with viscose as the first and modal as the second. (Those are more well-known cellulosic fabrics, so if you know them, we're similar but with a much more sustainable production process.)


In short, our sheets are made out of wood, which is turned into a pulp via an award-winning closed-loop lyocell process before that pulp is turned into yarn. The best part about our Lyocell is that nearly 100% of the solvents from each batch are reused in the next, so there's almost zero waste.

How are your sheets made?

Our sheets are made out of 100% eucalyptus wood, which is turned into a pulp via a lyocell process before that pulp is turned into yarn. We reuse nearly 100% of the solvents used in the lyocell process, making it one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world.

What do the sheets feel like?

Our products are incredibly breathable, keeping you snug and warm without making you overheat. They are cool-to-the-touch and moisture wicking, so you won’t wake up hot and flustered. They're also outrageously soft and indulgent. Plus we designed them to get softer with every wash.

Do the sheets smell like eucalyptus?

Our sheets are hypoallergenic and made from the wood, not the leaves; so no smells, oils, or perfumes are present in our sheets.

Are these sheets cooling?

Yes. Our 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell products are moisture-wicking and have a low surface friction. The result is bedding that always feels like the cool side of the pillow.

How are the sheets for wicking away or holding moisture?

They’re amazing for that vs. cotton. Cotton is the “anti” moisture-wicking fabric, but our eucalyptus lyocell wicks away, absorbs, and evaporates phenomenally. For hot sleepers or night sweaters, it’s a dream.

Is this like rayon?

You can read about rayon here.


Do I have to pay for return shipping?

Nope! We'll cover any return shipping cost for you (UK only), and returns and exchanges can be done quickly and freely using our Returns Centre.


Alternatively you can contact us using returns@ethicalbedding.com quoting your order number for instruction on how to return your item. 

How do I return my order?

To return your order please click here to begin the return and refund process.


Post-14 days, our automated portal won't take returns, so if you would like a return, just email us at support@ethicalbedding.com.

What is your return policy?

You can view our returns/refund policy here.


All of our items are eligible for return!

How long will it take for the refund to show up on my card?

It can take approximately 5 business days for refunds to be processed, but it's usually much faster.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we currently ship worldwide.

When will my order arrive?

  • UK Standard: FREE. Allow 2-4 working days.
  • UK Express: £2.99. Allow 1-3 working days. (Available for orders made before 1pm Mon-Fri)


  • Europe Standard: £14.99. Allow 3-17 working days.
  • Europe Express: £19.99. Allow 2-11 working days. (Ireland is a slightly faster service)


  • USA & Canada Standard: £69.99. Allow 3-17 working days.
  • USA & Canada Express: £89.99. Allow 2-11 working days.


  • Other Worldwide Standard: £69.99. Allow 3-17 working days.
  • Other Worldwide Express: £89.99. Allow 2-11 working days.


Why is Eucalyptus Lyocell sustainable? How else does Ethical Bedding help the world?

Ethical Bedding's bedding is made via a closed-loop Lyocell process that doesn't create harmful runoff. It's widely considered one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world, and we're very proud of our products!


Unlike polyester microfiber sheets (which are basically just super-soft plastic), petroleum isn't used in our fabric. Humans are now eating a credit card's worth of microplastic every week in our food and water thanks to polyester, which also off-gasses microplastic while you sleep (if you sleep in polyester sheets). 


Keep an eye out for other names of petrochemical-based synthetics: microfiber, "faux fur," acrylic, spandex, elastane, polyurethane, etc.

Isn't Eucalyptus endangered?

There are over 800 species of Eucalyptus, and sadly some of them are endangered or threatened. Happily, though, our sheets’ eucalyptus fiber isn’t harvested from ancient or endangered forests (or from Australia at all). Instead, it’s renewably grown on biodiverse farms around the world on rotation.

Are these sheets organic? Is the supply chain organic?

They are vegan certified, use zero pesticides or insecticides, and are grown on biodiverse farms. We are a beacon of organic love.


What is your warranty?

Nobody is perfect...

We have a total confidence warranty – any issues with your order (wrong size, mis-matched fitted sheet, a stitching tear, a koala inside your box, etc.), and we'll send a replacement item as soon as you contact us. Free of charge, free shipping.


With proper care (cold delicates wash, low heat gentle dry, no bleach, no fabric softener, no laundry pods, and no ironing... that's a lot of "no's," but care is really easy), our fabric's lifespan should be long and healthy. We test all Ethical Bedding items to last at least 50 washes before any signs of wear appear visually, but they'll never lose their softness, breathability, or colour.


Because our sheets stay fresher longer due to our fabric's antimicrobial properties, you can wash our sheets less often, extending our sheets' lifespan even further.


Overall, depending on how often you wash your sheets and if you're rotating with other sets, you can expect them to last years with proper care . Generally, we happily replace or refund any items with issues within 100 days of purchase. Beyond that, we'll still try to help you out in some way.


If you experience an issue with an Ethical Bedding item – a ripped stitch, a tear, a discolouration, etc. – please send our Customer Care Team an email at support@ethicalbedding.com and they would be happy to help fix the issue for you.


We also have an automated returns / refunds / exchange portal (which is the best way to manage everything) for orders within 14 days of purchase at ethicalbedding.com/policies/refund-policy.

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