bedroom decorated with plants

The Best Plants for Your Bedroom

Author: James Higgins

When styling your bedroom, it can be a great idea to add finishing touches to your décor through colourful plants and organic greenery. Not only does this inject a little personality into your space, but there can be many benefits for your physical and mental health. In this article, we’ve outlined the reasons you should have plants in the bedroom, the top ten plants to choose, and how to take care of your organic additions. 

Is it good to have plants in your bedroom?

Including plants in your bedroom is a great way to incorporate natural colour and organic décor, but what other reasons are there for filling your space with flowing greenery? Reasons include:

  • Bedroom plants release oxygen at night and naturally absorb carbon dioxide. In fact, NASA research even reveals that plants are able to reduce indoor air pollution and improve air quality. 
  • Bedroom plants increase indoor humidity levels, which not only combats dry skin but also helps against the common cold. 
  • Studies show that humans thrive when surrounded by nature.
  • Having plants to nurture and look after can be a rewarding and enjoyable pastime. 

Which plants make great additions in the bedroom?

We know the benefits of incorporating plant bedroom ideas, but which ones should you pick? We’ve chosen some of the most popular plant bedroom ideas to breathe new life and inject natural colour into your space.


Peace Lily


peace lily plant


Not only do peace lilies look great, but they’re also relatively simple to look after. You can keep them in a low-light area, ideal if your bedroom is in a shaded corner of the house – although they fully thrive in the sun, so a natural light source is recommended where possible. When it comes to attending to your plant decoration, though, it’s often best to wait until the soil looks visibly dry before watering. 




bouquet of jasmine


Jasmine is identifiable by its small white flowers that exude an enchantingly sweet scent. The scent is often an ingredient in essential oils that are used to aid relaxation, making it the ideal pick for any plant bedroom décor. Just make sure to water your plant regularly, especially during flowering  periods!




Jasmine in a plant pot


Just like jasmine, lavender is known for its recognisable scent and proven to aid relaxation, even helping to reduce anxiety at night. Lavender loves sunlight and warmth, so it’s best to keep your pot on a windowsill so your plant can properly thrive.  


Snake Plant


snake plant in bedroom


Snake plant benefits for the bedroom include it being among the best air purifying plants for bedroom oxygen release, by effortlessly removing harmful toxins throughout the night. And looking after these bedroom plants couldn’t be more straightforward; simply water when the soil begins to look dry, and you’ll reap the benefits for years.


English Ivy


hanging english ivy plant in bedroom


Having ivy in the bedroom can give your room a wholly natural feel, as it winds and tangles its way around your pot or hanging basket. You’ll need to ensure your plant decoration is exposed to regular light and warmth, but don’t feel like you need to water excessively; letting the soil dry out a little between watering can even be beneficial. 




valerian plant


The beautiful pink and white flowering is what sets valerian apart from other plant bedroom décor, while, like jasmine and lavender, the sweet scent it gives off assists with sleep and combating insomnia. To get the very best out of your valerian, though, you’ll need to keep your pots on a sunny windowsill so they can absorb plenty of light throughout the day.


Corn Plant


corn plant on desk


Corn plant is one of the many dracaena species, and identified by its long, strappy leaves and subtle red markings that can give your bedroom a slight exotic feel. If looking after corn plants, make sure soil is always well-watered and there’s a consistent source of indirect sunlight. 


Aloe Vera


aloe vera plant on window sill


Aloe vera is considered one of the best plants for bedroom oxygen release and air purification, helping you to enjoy a comfortable and restful slumber. These bedroom plants are also very straightforward to care for, requiring minimal effort and watering just once every few weeks. 


Spider Plant


spider plant in pot on room floor


Spider plants look great in hanging baskets, with dangling leaves spiralling downwards, offering organic contrast against a contemporary space. To keep your spider plant alive and thriving, water occasionally and make sure your bedroom is flooded with sunlight. 


Rubber Plant


rubber plant on desk


The rubber plant earns its name due to the plasticky appearance of its bright green leaves. As far as benefits go, it’s a great toxin remover, absorbing an array of contaminants with ease to make it the ideal natural air purifier for any bedroom. They’re easy to look after too, requiring low light levels and only occasional watering when they look dry,  

What is the best plant for you?

When buying plants to brighten up your home, you might be tempted to simply choose the ones you like the look of. While this is an important factor, and helps to inject personality into your bedroom, it’s not the only consideration to make:

  • Will you remember to water your plants? If you often forget to water your plants, then try snake plants or spider plants. Additionally, cacti and succulents can also survive long periods without water, and peace lilies will let you know when they’re struggling by dropping their leaves. In contrast, if you’re someone who loves watering regularly. Ferns are thirsty plants, so require regular attention to prosper.
  • Do you have a sunny corner or is your bedroom entirely shaded? If you have a sunny spot in your bedroom, then lavender is an excellent plant of choice. Not only will it offer a delightful fragrance to your space, but it’ll provide a splash of colour and complement a natural design scheme. However, if your room is mostly/entirely shaded, you’ll be better off picking out a spider plant, peace lily, or aloe sansevieria, which can all thrive without sunlight.

Simple house plant care tips

Plants are a great way to add colour, vibrancy, and character to your bedroom, but it’s important to learn which types work best for your lifestyle. Three simple care tips include:

  1. Plants with thicker leaves require less water. This makes them easier to manage for beginners or first-time plant parents, as there’s less to go wrong if you do forget to water them.
  2. You should get into a good routine of checking in on your bedroom plants on a weekly basis, to see how healthy they are and whether they need closer nurturing. 
  3. It can be helpful to feed your plant decoration pots with a simple fertiliser every three to four weeks. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and can be bought straight off the shelf.

Plants are a great way to inject organic elements into your bedroom, while adding splashes of colour to your space. And while you’re at it, why not give your room an all-natural makeover and adopt environmentally-friendly and sustainable eucalyptus plant bedding


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