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Eco-friendly Housewarming Gifts

Author: James Higgins

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for anyone, and a cause for celebration and commemoration. But what do you buy for someone who’s just relocated? 

Don’t worry; we’ve anticipated your concern and provided a series of popular housewarming gifts! So, without further ado, lets take a look at the possible presents you might want to choose from, including bedding, homeware, and nightwear favourites. 


What is a housewarming gift?

Put simply, a housewarming gift is a present you give to a friend or family member who’s recently moved into a new property. After all, moving home is a cause for celebration, and often the result of many weeks or months of stress and tribulation. So, it’s nice to share something nice that commemorates the occasion. 


Why choose sustainable house gifts?

We know what you’re (probably) thinking. Why choose a sustainable housewarming gift? Well, the answer’s quite simple, really. 

The reality is that so many everyday household goods will eventually end up in landfill or the oceans, so why not give something that’ll have a positive impact instead and choose something that’s either manufactured following eco-conscious processes, made from recycled materials, or can be discarded safely without damaging the earth. 


Sustainable bedding gifts

If you’re on the lookout for eco-friendly housewarming gifts, a good place to start is with new bedding. After all, we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, so the lucky recipient is sure to appreciate the upgrade. From bed sheets and pillowcases to blankets, duvets, and even mattresses, we’ve picked out the ethical bedding gifts anyone would love to receive. 


Eucalyptus silk bed sheets

For ultimate comfort, eucalyptus silk bed sheets are the real deal, and a great gift for any housewarming party. Not only are they silky soft, temperature-regulating, and naturally hypoallergenic, but eucalyptus is also a wholly ethical material. This means, with each bed sheet bundle you buy, you’re doing your bit for the planet. 

Specifically, eucalyptus uses 95% less water and 30% less energy in manufacturing than cotton. From fitted sheets to flat sheets, discover the perfect fit for your lucky friend, to give them the luxury they deserve in their new home. 


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Eucalyptus pillowcases

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep and pick out a set of beautifully soft and silky eucalyptus pillowcases. Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, eucalyptus bedding is also great for your hair and skin, helping to reduce frizz, tangling, and breakage. It’s the perfect eco-friendly housewarming gift, offering all the benefits of real silk without the guilt! And if you’re interested in learning more about which type of pillowcase to pick, read our guide on the differences between oxford and housewife pillowcases


Eucalyptus and bamboo pillows

Moving home can take its toll, so why not treat your friends to a set of luxurious bamboo-filled eucalyptus pillows – we promise, they’ll go down a treat at the end of the night (and every following night). Filled with a blend of recycled fibres and eco-friendly bamboo, they’re the perfect resolution to nightly neck pain, guaranteeing a great night’s sleep.  


Eucalyptus silk throw 

For something that offers a little extra added luxury, choose a silky-soft eucalyptus throw or blanket as one of your new home presents. Versatile and unique, a throw blanket is a practical essential, and can be used to either complement bedding or add a decorative touch to other furniture pieces. Not only that; a throw is a popular way of incorporating personality and character, while a thick blanket can double up as a cosy companion, perfect for long summer evenings spent in the garden or sofa snuggles as the temperature drops. 

Whether used to add an extra night time layer, casually draped over the sofa, or reserved for those particularly chilly winter evenings when only the most cosy and comfortable blanket will do, a throw is sure to be a welcome gift. 


Eucalyptus and bamboo duvet

One of the most important elements of any bedding set, having a cosy duvet is essential all year round, with a high-quality quilt immediately enhancing any bedroom aesthetic. When browsing duvets as a housewarming gift, look for one that has a medium tog rating, so it’s just as comfortable in summer as it is in winter – that way, every evening’s a dream. For more information about choosing the right quilt, check out our guide to duvet togs.


Sustainable mattress

Now, we know what you’re thinking: a mattress is a significant purchase – especially as a gift - so it’s important to get it right. Well, we couldn’t agree more; the mattress you choose has the potential to enhance your friend’s quality of sleep, night after night! With comfort top of the priority list, consider a mattress that combines long-lasting durability and luxury softness with ethically sourced materials, to create the ultimate sleeping experience. 


grey bed with pillows and mattress

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Sustainable homeware gifts

If you’re looking for something a little smaller or subtler that can be used as a practical piece around the home, we’ve also got you covered. We’ve picked out a handful of affordable homeware gifts, ideal for any housewarming party of new home celebration. 


Naturally scented candles

Candles are a classic and popular present, and for good reason. Offering a pleasant fragrance that drifts around the home, they’re long-lasting and known to immediately improve the general feel of any room. The perfect gift for every occasion, including a housewarming party, a set of candles is almost certainly going to be well received. So, go wild and explore all the fun and wacky candle scents you think your friends will love.


Essential oils

If you’re looking for affordable, nice housewarming gifts that won’t break the bank, consider choosing natural essential oils. Designed to enhance feelings of wellness and relaxation through aromatherapy, they’re the ideal pick for anyone looking to turn a house into a haven. Combine with a classic oil burner or practical electric diffuser, and you’ve found the perfect all-in-one present!


Natural home fragrance mist

An alternative to candles and essential oils, and a practical choice at that, room spray and perfume mists make for excellent housewarming presents. All they take is a simple spritz, and each room smells like a dream come true, with the mist offering aromatherapeutic benefits that enhance feelings of soothing serenity. While browsing, however, it’s important to avoid room sprays that include synthetic or harmful chemicals. 


Organic towels

Every home needs a great set of towels, so it’s worth considering a bundle if you’re wondering what to get for a housewarming party. After all, there are few things better than stepping out of the bath or shower and drying off with a super-soft and fluffy towel that’s been warming on the radiator. The ultimate bathroom essential, just make sure to choose organic fabrics that are free from chemicals, to prevent damage to skin. 


Sustainable nightwear gifts

Finally, you might want a housewarming gift that offers a little evening luxury. If so, explore our selection of nightwear gift ideas, suitable for him and her. 


Organic eye mask

For something a little different, consider picking out a luxury eye mask that can be used to improve sleep quality. A practical present, a sleep mask’s use isn’t limited to the home either; it can be effortlessly packed in an overnight bag or suitcase to enjoy anywhere in the world, also making it an excellent travel companion. A relatively affordable housewarming gift, you’ll have a variety of fabrics and designs to choose from, so you’re certain to find the perfect fit. 


Sustainable loungewear and pyjamas

Quality pyjamas are something we don’t always get around to buying for ourselves, so receiving a luxury set as a housewarming present is sure to be well-received. A simple gift that’ll mean a lot, and enjoy plenty of use, loungewear is perfect for those Sundays spent doing nothing, so certain to be a worthy gift for anyone who’s recently moved into a new home. 


Sustainable sleep socks

Socks in bed might not be for everyone, but you can’t knock them until you’ve tried them! The ideal solution to chilly feet, something as simple as wearing socks to bed can help maintain a healthy temperature throughout the night, so we’re sure they’ll go down a treat. Just make sure you check what size you’ll need to buy, as the socks will need to be relatively loose-fitting (if they’re too tight, the socks can affect circulation). 


Organic robes or kimono

A lightweight alternative to a dressing gown, suitable for all types of weather, a kimono is stylish and perfect for lounging around the house in, making them nice housewarming gifts for your nearest and dearest. Keep an eye out for robes made from sustainable and eco-conscious fabrics and find a design that complements their character. Coming soon...

Choosing a housewarming present is never a simple decision, but hopefully, with our new home present ideas to hand, the decision is that little bit easier! And if you’re feeling inspired, discover even more useful insight from our sleep experts over on the Ethical Bedding blog, including our guide to choosing products that complement a green lifestyle.