Wedding Gift Ideas: Luxury Bed Sheets

Wedding Gift Ideas: Luxury Bed Sheets

Author: James Higgins

It's here!

Wedding season will be back in full swing as we approach the end of the covid-19 epidemic. Or perhaps your loved ones are doing a smaller ceremony after their venue was cancelled? Well look no further if you have left gift buying until the last minute.

It's really hard buying gifts with so many weddings - one year we had 15 weddings! We aren't really ones for following the set lists - so for meaningful gifts we have used customised items on Etsy, or used private artists to sketch bespoke pieces. Regardless, it's pretty hard to plan it all and execute when we all have such busy lives! 


What do the numbers say

From our brief wedding survey there were some interesting findings:

  • 75% of soon-to-be young newly weds hadn't invested in a high quality luxury bed set for themselves yet
  • 95% of those said that they would be delighted to receive luxury bedding as a wedding gift


Are you sure about luxury bed linen?

Well why not? After all, it covers so many bases.

  1. Everyone sleeps in a bed... tick!
  2. It's a gift for the couple rather an individual, so they can both enjoy it... tick! 
  3. Lot's of us are transient, rent, or move often for work. Bed linen is a little bit of comfort which represents their new married home which can move with them... tick!
  4. High quality luxury bed linen has so much longevity, plus they'll appreciate your gift every night when they go to sleep every night... tick!
  5. Ethical Bedding Company bed linen is ethically and sustainably produced, which may be an important consideration and align to your newly weds consumer preferences... tick!


So what next?

  • Check in with them to find out their bed size. The most common size in the UK is King Size. (It's best to check first to avoid hassle with returns!)
  • Select a Starter Set, Duvet Set and Fitted Sheet - all our colour palettes match, but we recommend neutral colours if buying bedding for others
  • Enter delivery address
  • Become their favourite wedding guests

Ethical Bedding Company products are wholly special; ethical, environmentally friendly, sustainable luxury that doesn’t cost the earth.