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Top sustainable homeware and bedding for a green lifestyle

Author: James Higgins

The chances are you’ve heard the term ‘green’ lifestyle in reference to the environmentally friendly decisions and eco-driven purchases you might make on a day-to-day basis. What you may not realise, though, is how simple it is to start introducing sustainability into the home and the way you live. 

In this article, we’ve explained exactly why you might want to opt for a green lifestyle, as well as our top eco-friendly homeware ideas you can introduce to your space. 

Why go for a green lifestyle?

We’ve looked at what choosing a green lifestyle means, but what exactly are the key reasons to live sustainably?

  • Lower your carbon footprint: Your carbon footprint is essentially a measurement of the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide you’re responsible for as a result of the products you buy and your actions. There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and even become carbon neutral or negative, through sustainable shopping and lifestyle choices. 
  • Create a healthier earth: Leading a green lifestyle will help to leave a healthier and more prosperous planet for the coming years, as well as future generations. Whether it’s recycling and saving landfills and oceans from non-biodegradable plastics or purchasing products sourced from renewable materials, there are simple steps you can incorporate into your daily routines. 
  • Reduce costs: Making eco-conscious purchases can help more than just the planet. In fact, choosing high-quality products that last will often benefit your bank balance in the long run. In contrast, choosing cheaper alternatives that quickly end up in landfill hurts you and the environment.

Reading on, discover our top sustainable homeware picks you can add to your home for a green and eco-friendly lifestyle, ranging from bedding and clothing to everyday essentials.

Eucalyptus Silk Bed Sheets

One of the key secrets to a good night’s sleep is high-quality bedding, which means a reliable and comfortable set of bed sheets. In this case, we’d recommend opting for eucalyptus silk bed sheets

Not only does this popular bed sheet material boast gentle softness comparable to regular silk, as well as effective temperature regulation and breathability that keeps you cosy in summer or winter, but it also followers a completely eco-conscious manufacturing process that combines low water and energy consumption with sustainably resourced materials. 

If you’re looking to make changes to your purchasing habits, and increase your rate of sustainable shopping, eucalyptus bed sheets from Ethical Bedding are an excellent place to start. 


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Bamboo Pillow

Are there many better feelings than laying your head down after a long day, whether you’ve been hard at work or just tired out from enjoying a well-deserved day off? Never accept second best, so consider choosing a luxury bamboo pillow that’s suitable for almost every type of sleeper and sleeping position – and while you’re at it, a set of eucalyptus silk pillowcases are sure to go down a treat, too. 

Firm and supportive while offering cloud-like softness, the Ethical Bedding bamboo-filled pillow is osteopath recommended; designed to combat neck pain and discomfort in almost all cases. 

Filled with a bamboo and recycled fibre blend that includes 12-15 recycled plastic bottles, the pillow’s shell is also woven from environmentally friendly Tencel, meaning you’re purchasing a product that promotes positive environmental action at all stages of production. 

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Eucalyptus Silk Throw

Combining cosy comfort with sleek statement, a eucalyptus silk throw blanket is a popular pick for anyone looking to add natural home accessories to their living space. They can be used to improve your living room aesthetic or offer an additional layer to your bedding on a cold winter’s evening – which makes them the perfect addition to any environmentally friendly home. 

An increasingly popular textile, eucalyptus silk blends chic elegance with luxurious softness, and acts as a welcome companion throughout the year. And just like our bed sheets, eucalyptus silk throw blankets from Ethical Bedding are gentle, temperature regulating, and completely breathable, as well as totally sustainable.

Available in a selection of sizes, ranging from regular to large, enjoy cosying up to your eucalyptus silk throw whether you’re cuddling up on the sofa or enjoying an early night.

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Eco-friendly Mattress

As we’ve already touched on, good bedding is essential to a comfortable night’s sleep, which means investing in a high-quality mattress that’s both offers support for every kind of sleeper and is luxuriously soft to touch. After all, you spend roughly a third of your life in bed, so why settle?

Fortunately, the NatureCore Luxe Mattress from Ethical Bedding offers total and utter bliss each night, and is committed to helping the environment at every stage of production. Not only does the mattress come with a 15-year life span, but the innovative 17-layer combination of recycled ocean plastic, bamboo, coconut fibres, organic cotton, recycled denim and more ensures an excellent night’s sleep and a happy planet. 

Organic, natural home fragrances

Elevate your home with the warm and welcoming essence of organic and natural home fragrances, such as scented candles, simple-yet-effective room spray, and essential oils. Whether you uplift each room with a selection of your favourites or pick the fragrance you love the most, the natural aromas will take your space to a new level. 

At Ethical Bedding, we’ve partnered with world class perfumier Daniel Visentin to give you the option of two luxuriously soothing and refreshing fragrances. These include a sweet blend of lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus, and a combination of citrus, bergamot, rosewood, and orange. Whichever you choose, you’ll fall in love with the unique and quality blend.

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Organic towels

There are few better feelings than getting out of the bath or shower and drying yourself off with a soft and luxurious towel that’s somehow even more comforting than the hot water you’ve just stepped away from. When kitting out your home, never overlook the bathroom essentials; trust us, it’s well-worth investing in a good set of bath towels. 

While browsing your options, though, consider organic fabrics that are chemical-free and made without bleaches and synthetic materials – sustainable homeware brands will typically use natural fabrics, but there’s never any harm in double checking. Not only will your skin feel the benefit, but you’re taking another small step towards helping the environment. 

Organic loungewear and pyjamas

Complement your luxury bedding and throw blanket with a gorgeous set of organic loungewear and pyjamas that combine soft and luxurious texture with elegant style and long-lasting quality. Slip out of your day clothes and enjoy lazy Sundays in complete comfort, whether you’re sat in front of a film, reading a book, or just cosying up on the sofa. 

Made in a chemical-free environment using natural textiles, organic options are also often naturally hypoallergenic – which usefully makes them much friendlier for children – while high quality fabrics are silky to touch and make each evening a dream come true. 

Organic Sleep Socks

They might not necessarily be the first thing you think to buy when investing in luxury sustainable homeware products, but a solid set of organic sleep socks can be an incredible gamechanger. 

You may have certain feelings towards wearing socks to bed at night, but there’s good reason they’ve made our list. Not only can covering your feet help you fall asleep more quickly, but you’ll also likely enjoy longer uninterrupted sleep through the night. When looking for your next pair, identify socks that keep your feet cool-yet-comfortable, so you don’t experience overheating, for the ultimate sleeping experience. 

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Hopefully, you’re inspired to start exploring luxurious-yet-sustainable products for the home and beginning to feel a little more confident about leading a greener lifestyle. For even more expert insight like this, including our sustainable gift buying guide and more luxury bedroom ideas, head on over to the Ethical Bedding blog.