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11 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for 2023

Author: James Higgins

Minimalist bedrooms have long-been a favoured style thanks to their timelessly elegant aesthetic that’s centred around sleek simplicity and gorgeous practicality. And 2023’s no different, with the trend set to continue.

By clearing the clutter, you can quickly transform your bedroom into a relaxing paradise that offers an escape from work and life admin. But, with design picks often dependent on your room size and personal taste, where should you start?

In this article, we’ve offered insight and inspiration, with 11 simplistic bedroom ideas that you can follow to adopt a cosy minimalist bedroom, including helpful design tips and practical advice.

11 ideas for a minimalist bedroom aesthetic

Simplicity and minimalism isn’t always easily achieved, especially if you don’t know where to start. Read on to find out our top tips for creating a straightforward space you’ll love to spend time in.

1. Combine a blend of textures

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean that your bedroom can’t reflect your personality, so why not give your space a little character and consider incorporating subtle textures through your features and accessories.


A rough, woven rug will perfectly contrast your smooth and silky bedding, while wooden furniture pieces make an impressive statement against your elegant white walls. Just be sure to layer your textures carefully, to avoid overwhelming your space and losing the minimalist aesthetic – especially if your bedroom is on the smaller side.

2. Stick to basics with white walls

A minimalist white bedroom - aka crisp white walls, whether painted fresh or wallpapered with a subtle, textured pattern, are among the easiest ways to give your bedroom a charming, minimalist aesthetic.

Effortlessly positioned to complement an elegantly simple design scheme, white walls provide a blank canvas for you to add personality through accessories and decorations, whether you choose to hang artistic prints above your bed or arrange beautiful flowers atop your bedside table or shelving.

3. Choose cool neutrals

Neutral tones like creamy whites and light greys are a great way to achieve a minimalist feel for your bedroom interior. Rather than overwhelming with colour, consider instead the subtle-but-powerful impact of natural tones and an inoffensive palette. Think soft, white bedding, painted furniture, and neutral walls.


minamilistic bedroom idea

This is especially effective in a smaller bedroom, where space is a little more limited, and brighter and vivid shades might easily overwhelm or make your space feel too busy.

Prioritising cool neutrals means your bed and statement pieces can really stand out while small splashes of colour can be used to accentuate your personality. But be careful; too many and you risk creating clashes!

4. Incorporate industrial details

Minimalism can come in various styles, but one of the most popular modern bedroom ideas is industrial inspiration.


minimalistic cream bedroom photo

With a completely clutter-free bedroom aesthetic, achieve clean lines and a streamlined style with features that are centred around stripped-down simplicity. Think elegant metallic lighting, rustic furniture, and big windows that let the sunlight flood through, complemented by naturally exposed brickwork and white-painted walls.

5. Embrace organic features

When styling your bedroom, it’s useful to consider the benefits of eco-friendly features, and how they can complement a minimalist style. Whether you favour organic wooden furniture, sustainable eucalyptus bedding, thick carpeting, or striking accessories and features, achieve modest simplicity through your choice of materials.


6. Make the most of natural light

Opening your curtains to let natural light flood through is among the easiest ways to complement a minimalist bedroom aesthetic.

Not only does it give your bedroom a welcoming and vibrant glow throughout the day, but it also helps to give your area a feeling of openness – even if space is limited. Gorgeous indoor plants are doused in light, white walls become yet-more radiant, and your statement bedding becomes a dramatic showpiece.

7. Maximise your space

A simple way of enhancing feelings of minimalism in your bedroom is to create the illusion of space, even if it isn’t obviously there – this is an especially useful technique in a smaller room.

For instance, you might not have much floor space to play with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box. Incorporating a bed that’s closer to the floor gives the impression of higher ceilings, and lets you capitalise on more wall space for basic storage solutions and simple decorations. Just be sure to choose the right size bed for your bedroom type.

8. Organisation is essential

It might sound straightforward, but simply organising and decluttering your bedroom can really help to give your space a gorgeously minimalist finish. But this doesn’t just mean just throwing everything into drawers and cupboards; it means finding designated areas for all of your bedroom essentials, so everything can be both easily stored and found when required.

If space is a little limited, consider under-bed storage solutions, basic shelving, or floor-to-ceiling cupboards and wardrobes to keep your clothes, shoes, and bedding tidy.

9. Take advantage of your walls

When styling your space, consider the functional practicality of your walls and how they can complement your minimalist vision. Rather than cluttering your floor with drawers and clothes rails, why not use your vertical space to incorporate shelving, basic storage, and elegant pegs for bags, clothes, and accessories. Not only does this provide a place for sensible organisation, but also lets you inject a little colourful personality above floor height.

10. Add a touch of colour through indoor plants

It can be easy to fall into the trap of going overboard with colour when painting your bedroom, styling bold furniture pieces, or choosing striking bedding. However, there is an alternative way to measuredly add vibrancy to your minimalist space - picking out a few indoor plants and decoratively spacing them out.


Choose your favourite low-maintenance plants, and accessorise with organic greenery that offers perfect contrast against your sharp white walls, for the final touches in your minimalist bedroom.

11. Embrace an unmade bed

Part of having a minimalist look is that your bedroom feels effortlessly relaxed, so why not try out the unmade bed aesthetic? It might feel unconventional, but throw your bedding together with pillows resting against a casual duvet arrangement and your blanket hanging over the sides. In a room orientated around faultless simplicity, enjoy the contrast that comes through subtle imperfection. It is also considered better for your bed hygiene.


unmade bed in a tidy bedroom

The beauty of a simple aesthetic is that it’s a long-term style you’ll adore for years to come, and it saves you from purchasing more than you need for your bedroom.

Complement your simple style with luxury bedding that combines quality with sustainability, so you can sleep soundly knowing you’re supporting eco-friendly initiatives.


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