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Pillowcase Size Guide

Author: James Higgins

You spend roughly a third of your time in bed, so it’s crucial that your bedding is comfortable and durable. From duvet covers to bed sheets, investing in high-quality bedding can enhance your sleeping experience. But what about pillowcases?

In this article, we’ve outlined the considerations to make when investing in new pillowcases, and explained how big a standard and super king size pillowcase actually is. 

Why are pillowcases important?

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Before we look at the various different pillowcase sizes, it’s important to have an understanding as to how your bedding and personal preferences might shape your pillowcase decisions. 

The main benefits of using pillowcases are fairly straightforward, from providing long-term comfort and support to improving your bedroom aesthetic and giving your bed a touch of luxury. But pillowcases can also aid skin and hair care, as well as protect you from dust, mites, and grime that would otherwise build up over time. 

Before investing in new pillowcases, consider the material and filling, from versatile cotton to soft and silky eucalyptus pillowcases that feel like you’re laying on a cloud.How big is a standard pillowcase?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the standard sized pillowcase has become, well, the standard used across UK beds. Measuring in at roughly 75cm x 50cm, this popular pillowcase is the ideal pick for almost all sizes of bed, from single beds to super king mattresses

Regular size pillowcases have become the option of choice for so many households because they accommodate the most common and easily-sourced pillow size. You will, however, with this size, find that if you like your pillows to prop you up a little at night, you’ll need at least a couple for optimum comfort. 

How big is a super king pillowcase?

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Super king size pillowcases feel like a monumental step up from the standard size. And that’s because they are. Typically coming in at a whopping 90cm x 50cm, they’re almost 25% wider than your standard pillowcases measurement. For context, a single bed is 90cm wide, so a super king would sufficiently cover your sleeping space. 

This additional width provides cosy comfort for a luxurious night’s sleep, enhancing coverage and ensuring even the most restless sleeper enjoys head-to-pillow relaxation all night long. 

Something you should be aware of, however, is that super king and extra large pillowcases are a little less common in the UK, so might be slightly tougher to get hold of. Fortunately, we stock luxury super kings at Ethical Bedding, so you don’t have to spend untold hours searching for your next investment. 

How big are square pillowcases for bed?

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Unlike regular and super king size pillowcases, which are longer than they are wide, a square pillowcase has equal length sides. The standard square pillowcase size is 65cm x 65cm, which will comfortably fit a regular square pillow.

Square pillows, otherwise known as continental pillows, can be used to add height and depth to your bedding, accessorise and enhance your bedroom aesthetic, and, when nestled behind a rectangular pillow, even provide additional neck and back support while sleeping or sitting up. 

Find a summary of the three most popular pillowcase sizes in the UK (regular, super king, and square) below:

Size (cm)

Regular pillowcase

75 x 50

Super king pillowcase

90 x 50

Square pillowcase

65 x 65

Each pillowcase from Ethical Bedding is measured to comfortably fit pillows of the same size, without any extra, hanging fabric to take care of. 

What is a pillow sham?

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Not dissimilar to a pillowcase, a pillow sham is a protective cover for your pillows, with the main difference being that they’re typically decorative and aren’t intended to be slept on. For instance, they may feature embroidery, quilting, or patterning.

If you’re undertaking a bedroom makeover, or simply looking for ways to improve your home aesthetic, pillow shams can be a straightforward way to inject colour, texture, and personality into your space.

What makes the best pillow?

We’ve had a look at the most popular pillowcase sizes, but what about the pillow itself – and what actually makes a good pillow? We’ve explained why you should consider pillow size, material, and filling when investing in new, high-quality bedding. 


When it comes to choosing new pillows, size does matter, as we’ve discussed in reasonable depth already. 

When it comes to knowing what size pillow and pillowcases you should choose, however, the main factor is your own personal preferences. 

Do you want a supersized pillow that spans your single bed, or would you rather you and your partner have two or three smaller pillows each? Whether you choose anything from regular size pillows through to a super kings, put your comfort first. After all, you’ll be spending roughly a third of your time in bed! 


While it’s important to choose the right pillowcase material, you shouldn’t overlook your actual pillows. In particular, look out for high-quality pillows with a thread count between 200-400 for luxury comfort.


Finally, the filling is a crucial element to consider when choosing your next pillows, with some considered far better than others for comfort, quality, and durability. 

Of those fillings that fit all three criteria, bamboo is also environmentally-friendly and completely renewable, breathable and naturally cooling, extremely soft for a cloud-like sleeping experience, and hypoallergenic – meaning you can enjoy a restful night without worrying about sniffling and sneezing.  

Alternative popular pillow fillings include feathers and down, memory foam, cotton, and polyester. 

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Now you’ve got an idea of the most common pillowcases sizes in the UK, you can begin to make an informed decision about your next bedding investment. For even more interesting insight from our sleep experts, head on over to the Ethical Bedding blog, or explore our full range of bedding for guaranteed luxury.