Learn About Us

Learn About Us

Author: James Higgins

Ethical Bedding Company Background

Conceived by eCommerce veterans, The Ethical Bedding Company was formed with a purpose to introduce incredibly sustainable yet luxurious bedding products to the UK market.

With the arrival of James's first child, he wanted to create a business that would inspire his customers and make them feel great about the products they buy. The goal was to easily enable sustainable and environmentally conscientious decisions for simple every day items. Moreover, he wanted the business to mirror the core values and beliefs that he hopes his children would one day live by!

After researching the UK bedding market in detail, it became clear that there was a major gap for luxury Eucalyptus Lyocell products. This remarkable fabric, when produced using sustainable techniques, stands head and shoulders above market leading cotton solutions in terms of:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Comfort and luxury feel
  • Breathability and thermoregulation
  • Hygiene and cleanliness

The inherent properties of Eucalyptus Lyocell are quite remarkable as a sustainable fabric given the simple and environmentally friendly process for manufacturing it when compared with cotton, silk or linen. Coupled with being naturally softer, cosier, more breathable, more absorbent and hypoallergenic, make it an obvious choice to make bedding.

Our Customers

Our customers are intelligent, inquisitive, environmentally conscientious shoppers who love luxury products. Let's be honest, who doesn't want environmentally sustainable, luxury bedding delivered to their doorstep without risk, whilst simultaneously feeling great about the company they have chosen to spend their money with?

Our Vision

Change can take a long time to happen, but we believe that with the right attitude and dedication anything is possible. The vision for the Ethical Bedding Company is that by improving the education piece around sustainable eucalyptus bedding, the market will grow and consumers will be able to make smarter choices that are better for the planet and make them feel great!

The lofty long term goal of the company is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable eucalyptus, to replace cotton entirely, and to become the go-to fabric for bedding in the UK. 

Ethical Bedding Company Ethos

Our values are really simple and align to how we live as a family:

  • Listen to others and treat them with respect and dignity
  • Give something back to improve the world a little bit at a time
  • Enjoy yourself and be grateful for small pleasures every day
  • Make someone new smile whenever you can

Our Family Team

Our family only management team has a diverse skill set to ensure everything runs like clockwork.

James Higgins brings direct to customer eCommerce experience combined with brand vision and business execution. His Dad, Peter Higgins, brings finance oversight and business planning. We use outsourced services currently for much of our social, PR and media outreach but would love to bring this in-house in future! If you think you could bring something special to ethicalbedding.com, then please get in touch! :)

That's our mini dream team for now and you can read more on their profiles in future blogs.