Ethical Bedding has Partnered with Twig Pay!

Ethical Bedding has Partnered with Twig Pay!

Author: James Higgins

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Twig, which offers you the ability to buy now, pay never. Today’s greenest way to pay, Twig Pay enables you to buy new things at Ethical Bedding with (the value of) your pre-owned physical items.


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What is Twig?

Based in London, UK, Twig is a new generation, financial services B Corporation built on circular economy principles. This payment method empowers you to ‘value, unlock and enjoy wealth you never knew you had’ - your “Bank of Things.” With Twig Pay, you are entitled to sell or trade-in your fashion clothing and electronics in exchange for direct cash, which you can then use towards your new purchases on our website. Twig provides the opportunity for you to have instant cash whilst recycling goods you no longer want - as well as taking pleasure in traditional banking service conveniences (debit card, domestic, international bank transfers and Apple Pay). 

How it works...

screenshot of checkout with twig pay as option


When you have reached the checkout stage, you can select to pay with Twig. You have options to either sign in, register or to continue as a guest, which will then redirect to the page above. If you have previously made purchases on our website, these will be displayed accompanied with prices of which Twig will pay for them.

To proceed with your new purchase, simply click on your old things - this will either add up to the price of your new things, or add them onto cash, and check out! This partnership is vital in order to add circularity to our platform and allows you as a conscious consumer to live an eco-friendly lifestyle at the click of a button.


Next Steps…

You have the option to either send your unwanted items to Twig using a Royal Mail shipping label, or by using Collect+ (scan your QR code and print at the drop off point). Your items (clothing and/or electronics) will then be shipped to Twig’s warehouse, whereby the Twig team will quality check the items. In the case of any issues with your cash outs to Twig, the Twig team will be delighted to help with any of your queries at

Once the Twig team has quality assured your items, they will be entered into the circular economy. In other words, Twig will make sure your items do not end up in landfill by either: listing them on second-hand marketplaces, upcycling or donating them. 

Twig Pay unlocks wealth within your home, and bridges the gap between banking and resale.