WWF Support

Hi Human,

Thanks for finally helping us by fixing some of the mess you made.

We really wish you had helped sooner but it's better late than never.

Please could you try your best to keep things a bit better in future?

You're supposed to be the smart ones after all.

Signed with gratitude,


All the animals

Proud supporters

We are koala protectors and continually donate a meaningful portion of our profit to various World Wildlife Fund appeals.

By carefully selecting meaningful larger donations for specific appeals or crises, we can see directly the initiatives that are being supported.

We also regularly sponsor new animals from our profits to ensure the natural world is protected for future generations to enjoy.

This is all in addition to the donations we make to global sustainability projects through www.carbonfootprint.com.

Why choose WWF?

Humans are happiest when surrounded by nature and the natural world. That's scientifically proven.

So we figured it's kind of important to help keep as much of it alive and as healthy as possible.

WWF operate globally and manage a ridiculously wide range of initiatives including:

  • Climate change initiatives
  • Our food systems and sustainable consumption
  • Protecting natural habitats from loss or damage
  • Valuing nature including our forests, rivers and oceans
  • Working with people and communities to build a better future
  • Working strategically with businesses embedding the tools to inspire change