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11 Reasons Why You Need a Bigger Bed

Author: James Higgins

Did you know that partner fidgeting, snoring, and duvet hogging are among the UK’s most common causes of sleep deprivation, with a quarter of the population impacted. While it’s nice to be able to cosy up to your significant other as you drift off after a long day, having a bed that’s too small could be affecting your quality of sleep. 

In this article, we’ve explained the reasons why you should consider upgrading your current bedroom set-up and investing in a bigger bed, as well as the most popular big and comfy bed options available.

Why you need to invest in a bigger bed 

Are you wondering whether buying a bigger bed is worth the investment? Let’s look at 11 reasons why you need to buy a bigger bed, including how a king, super king, or emperor mattress can improve sleep quality and comfort. 


1. Better quality sleep

A good bed helps you achieve quality sleep, night after night, which has both mental and physical health benefits. Regardless of whether you sleep alone or with a partner, a bigger bed gives you more space to fully spread out and find a comfortable position, which invariably makes it easier to get an unbroken night’s rest so you’re completely refreshed each and every morning. 


2. Improved health

There are numerous health benefits to getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, both mental and physical. Mental health benefits that you’re likely to appreciate in your day-to-day life include greater focus when completing tasks, reduced stress levels at work, and improved emotional wellbeing, while physical health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep include a healthier heart, a stronger immune system, and being able to better-achieve and maintain a healthy weight. 


3. Increased comfort


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Studies have shown that couples are more comfortable sleeping in a bigger bed, with many switching out their regular double for a king, super king, or emperor bed. And when you realise that a double bed is just 4’6” wide, it begins to make complete sense – that’s just 2’3” each, which is narrower than if you both slept in separate singles! 

In contrast, a super king is 6’ wide, while an emperor size bed is 6’6” wide, meaning you can sleep comfortably in any position you like. However, this isn’t exclusive to couples, and you’ll find increased comfort in a larger bed even if you’re the only occupant. 


4. We fidget a lot during the night

Statistics show that the average sleeper wriggles, tosses, and turns at least 60-70 times per night, which can become a frustration for anyone else in the same bed. However, if your partner is a serial fidgeter, choosing a bigger bed can eliminate any problems, with each of your afforded the space to move as much as it takes to find that perfect position. 


5. Great for families 

Bigger beds are great for young families who often have children sliding in during the night; the last thing you want is to endure a tight squeeze when little ones excitedly sprawl between you. 

Opting for a super king or emperor bed gives you up to two feet of extra wriggle room. This also applies if you’re a softy with your pets, and can’t help but invite them up for a cuddle – or even let them sleep in bed with you. 


6. We spend a third of our lives in bed

We spend approximately a third of our lives in bed (if you manage to get the recommended eight hours sleep per night), meaning we’re tucked under the covers roughly 17 weeks of the year. That means, by the time you’re 50, you’ll have spent around 17 years of your life in bed! 

So, considering we spend so much of our time in bed, it’s really worth making sure you’re the most comfortable you can be, which might mean getting a bigger bed so you can really spread out and drift off into the land of nod with absolutely no restrictions. 


7. Your current bed has seen better days

Take a moment to examine your current bed and assess its condition. Many of us continue to use the same bed years longer than we ought to, letting it deteriorate to the point that mornings are often met with groans of stiffness and soreness. 

While there’s no exact science as to how long it takes for your bed to start going downhill, it’s generally agreed that you should upgrade your mattress every 6 to 8 years. And when you do, take the opportunity to pick out a bigger bed frame too, for improved comfort, practicality, and luxury. 


8. Value for money

Believe it or not, it’s not that much more expensive to buy a bigger mattress, but the value you’ll receive from the additional space, extended comfort, and improved quality of sleep with feel priceless. And if you’re still caught in two minds about spending a little more on a bigger bed, justify the cost by considering it spread over the number of years you’ll enjoy it instead. 


9. Bigger beds grow with you

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a single bed (or even a double), is that it can suddenly feel much to small if you suddenly go through significant lifestyle changes, like starting a relationship, getting pregnant, or simply sharing a bed with someone new. The benefit of having a king, super king, or emperor bed is that it’s completely future proof, and ready to adapt to your growing needs. 


10. Give your bedroom a décor focus


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Getting your bedroom just right is essential; it’s your private space, and somewhere you’re more-than-likely going to spend a third of your day – if not longer. So ensuring it matches your style and echoes your character is important. 

A simple way of making a bold statement in your bedroom is by investing in a huge bed for sleep. Combined with beautiful, silky duvets and pillows, your king, super king, or emperor bed will effortlessly draw attention as a fabulous focal point. 


11. Big beds feel luxurious

There’s no two ways about it, a big bed oozes luxuriousness. Having the freedom to spread out as much as you like, without wondering whether you’re going to end up flailing into your partner is a luxury experience; and one you can continue to enjoy night after night if you choose a bigger bed. Not only will this increase comfort at night, but it’ll have a positive impact on your overall mental and physical wellbeing. 

What larger bed sizes are available?

Did you know double beds are actually only 1.5 times wider than single beds – which can start to feel like a bit of a squeeze if you’re sharing with a partner. 

If you’re thinking of upgrading to something bigger, there are three luxury bed sizes you might want to consider: king, super king, and emperor. We’ve explained what each is, and their benefits. 


King size bed

King size beds are noticeably larger than doubles, measuring in at 5’0” x 6’6” – compared to just 4’6” vs 6’3”. While the additional width is the obvious selling point, the extra length also makes king sizes among the best beds for taller people

With this extra size, you can expect additional comfort, which is ideal for couples who prefer to spread out a little at night – or solo sleepers who invite the cat or dog up for a nightly snuggle! As with all bigger beds, before purchasing, just make sure to measure your bedroom space to confirm it can accommodate the extra size.


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Super king size bed

An impressive foot wider than a king bed, super kings are twice the width of a standard single, giving you and your partner plenty of room to get comfortable and enjoy your own space. Once again, though, this centrepiece can consume your bedroom, so check you have enough space before purchasing.



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Emperor bed

Finally, an emperor bed is a strong statement piece that measures in at a whopping 6’6” x 6’6”, providing an abundance of space for couples who love to completely spread out at night and fall asleep in their own space. This huge bed deserves the very best bedding, though, so be sure to check out our soft and breathable sheets and pillow cases


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If you’re considering upgrading to a bigger bed, get further inspired by our collection of soft and cosy bestselling bedding, perfect for king, super king, and emperor mattresses. And in the meantime, check out the latest over on our blog for even more insight from our sleep experts.