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How Big Is An Emperor Bed?

Author: James Higgins

Emperor beds are colossal, so don't let the super king tell you otherwise...


For couples that want to maximise sleep space without going for something bespoke, this is the option to choose! 


The larger size means a higher price for the bed itself but also the bed sheets. With that being said, can you really put a price on sleeping like an emperor?


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  2. How big is an emperor bed?
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Well, the best way to describe them is super size! In regular terms this is 200cm x 200cm or 6'6" x 6'6"




By anyone's standards, they're really big. Unless you're a rugby player, professional wrestler or an NBA superstar it's fairly certain you'll be able to squeeze into one...


An emperor bed has plenty of space for two adults to sleep in. You could even comfortably fit three or four in here (but no star fishing)!


The 200cm width allows for 100cm per person, which is 10cm more than you would get with a standard single!


90cm is the width of super king pillowcases (90cm x 50cm), meaning that for your pillows to be a good fit for the bed you would certainly need to get the larger pillowcases and pillows.


Emperor beds are growing in popularity but are still a little harder to come by, particularly for high quality bed sheets and dressings.



As per the above, a standard UK and Ireland emperor bed is 200cm wide (6 feet 6 inches).

Loads of space for even the largest couple.



As per the above, a standard UK and Ireland emperor bed is 200cm long (6 feet 6 inches).

The 95% percentile height for a male in the UK is 6' 1", which would leave 5".

You have to go up to the 98% percentile to breach the 6' 3" of a king size bed, so if you're one of the 2% then maybe consider a super king or an emperor bed!



Emperor beds are great for selfish sharers with a big bedroom. Hey look, we all like plenty of space when we sleep and are free to roam a little...

Only if you are taller than 6' 3" and are finding that a super king or an emperor size bed is too small, should you look for something bespoke. It'll be a lot more expensive to buy the bed itself, but also to dress in high quality bed sheets.




Emperor Bed Fitted Sheet - Various Colours



These things are HUGE! So the most important consideration needs to be how much space you have in your bedroom, because frankly they won't fit into most bedrooms well at all.

A bed which is too big in a small room looks a bit odd and doesn't make good use of the space. Conversely, small beds in large rooms can sometimes feel lost and look out of place - so if you have a huge bedroom then maybe consider the super king size.

Around 30-35% of your bedroom should be taken up by your bed. For an emperor bed, this would mean a bedroom size of around 6m x 6m or more which is a terrific size for a bedroom.

Don't forget about your bedroom furniture though before going bigger!

A walking space of at least 70-80cm around your bed or to the nearest wall, window or bedroom furniture. A standard corridor width in the UK is 90cm, so keep this in mind before buying!

One often overlooked consideration for emperor bed owners is the lack of high quality bedding, particularly for eco-friendly choices. That's where Ethical Bedding can certainly help - we stock all standard UK sizes in every range. You can thank us later...



However, we can help you dress your super king size bed with perfectly fitting and incredibly comfortable organic bedding. Always check our size charts before purchasing and note that all our fitted sheets are 34cm (13 inches) deep, meaning that they fit 99% of beds snugly with our super strong elastic.

Bed Sheets

Product Size Duvet Cover Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet


200 x 200cm

79 x 79"

140 x 190cm

55 x 75"

230 x 275cm

91 x 108"


225 x 220cm

89 x 87"

150 x 200cm

59 x 79"

275 x 275cm

108 x 108"

Super King

260 x 220cm

102 x 87"

180 x 200cm

71 x 79"

305 x 275cm

120 x 108"


290 x 235cm

114 x 87"

200 x 200cm

79 x 79"

320 x 290cm

126 x 114"


Pillowcase Style Pillowcase Size

Regular Pillowcase

50 x 75cm

20 x 30"

Super King Pillowcase

50 x 90cm

20 x 36"

Large Square Pillowcase

65 x 65cm

26 x 26"


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