Our 5 Top Tips For Better Sleep

Our 5 Top Tips For Better Sleep

Author: James Higgins

At Ethical Bedding Company, we absolutely love sleep!

Everyone is getting busier and busier so a dedicated sleep schedule isn't always top priority. Over many years working in financial services, and most recently as an entrepreneur and new father, I often find myself skipping sleep in favour of 'more important' endeavours. As we are all aware, you can get away with doing this for a few weeks or months at a time, but at some point it's going to hit you!

For me this would either mean gradually becoming less productive at work, being grouchy or having a low mood, or worse still getting sick due to overworking my immune system. We all know that we should take better care of our sleep, but don't always give it the attention (and important quality time) that it deserves.

Sleep is so important for our health and happiness. It's when our body can slow down to heal, cleanse and renew itself. So what's the best way to achieve this? Sleep Time x Sleep Quality = Overall Sleep

We didn't want to keep our sleep tips secret, so here's a few easy ones everyone can build into their lives in order to improve sleep quality and sleep better.


1. Ban phones from your bedroom

Bedrooms are a restful place, or at least they should be! It's one of the few places in the modern world that you can quite literally 'switch off'. Remove that temptation to stay up reading the news, catching up on emails or flicking through Instagram. If the distractions weren't enough, all LED screens with blue light will inhibit melatonin production as well as disturbing your body's circadian rhythms.

This top tip is a no-brainer... Just switch off and pick up an interesting book to read for 30 minutes before you drift off.

2. Quit caffeine 6 hours before bedtime 

Okay, we accept that caffeine has it's uses and for a lot of us a necessity to function! Quitting caffeine entirely is totally unrealistic for our family given that we LOVE our coffee.

However, caffeine disturbs our internal body clock and circadian rhythm. Even a small dose, when taken less than 6 hours before we sleep has some pretty disruptive effect on sleep. How to increase more deep sleep? We recommend switching to herbal teas for the afternoon and evening - chamomile or peppermint are my favourites!

3. Try earplugs and eye masks

Personally, I find it hard to get to sleep because my mind can be overactive from the days events. Or even planning for the next day, week or year! If you're a sleeper who gets woken easily, you could try some ear plugs to block out sound. For an eye mask, we would recommend to try ours! They come in gorgeous patterns, are as soft as silk and share the same health benefits. Both of these items are absolutely essential if you're someone that travels regularly so can't have that perfect routine (but let's face it, who can!).

4. Nail your morning ritual

Seriously? Humans are creatures of habit, and rituals give us that reason to get out of bed in the morning and get the day started without having to engage our brains too much.

Everyone is different but for me it involves a few minutes stretching in bed, then get up and make the bed. Next I have a pint of ice cold water with my vitamins, take the dogs on a short walk to use the toilet and then sit down to plan my day (I usually make a list of 3 top priorities the night before!). I will then usually make a coffee, prepare some simple food and get some ice water ready to start working.

I know all that sounds really simple, but our routines don't need to be complicated. You probably have one already, but maybe factor in something new such as mindfulness for head space, day planning to maximise productivity, or ice water to kick start your metabolism. Everyone is different, so see what works for you!

5. Smother yourself in luxury bedding and sleepwear

It's the room you spend the most time in, why wouldn't you make it the most luxurious? Most humans spend around 30% of our lives in bed, so make it count.

The best ways to upgrade your bedroom and sleep game is to invest in the best bed sheets. That means comfortable, breathable and beautifully styled. Our bed sheets are made using Eucalyptus TENCEL, so they tick every single box in terms of luxury and function. You honestly won't find better bedding...