• Gaia Collection Natural Rug Gaia Collection Natural Rug
Curated by Sleep Scientists

Curated by Sleep Scientists

Gaia Collection Natural Rug

£109 ( rrp )

£109 ( rrp )

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Transform your living space with the eco-friendly allure of the Gaia Collection Natural Rug. Meticulously crafted, this rug is a perfect blend of sustainable materials and modern design.

Immerse your home in sustainable luxury with the Gaia Collection Natural Rug. Crafted from 100% PET (recycled plastic bottles) in a natural hue, this rug embodies the essence of the Gaia Collection. The eco-friendly material not only adds a touch of conscious living but also contributes to a harmonious and stylish interior. Whether placed in your living room or bedroom, this rug invites you to embrace the eco-conscious essence of the Gaia Collection—a collection that seamlessly fuses sustainability with modern design.

Dimensions/ Size:

Length: 120cm
Width: 170cm

Care Instructions:
Preserve the eco-friendly charm of your Natural Rug by regular vacuuming and spot cleaning with a damp cloth. 

Ethically Sourced

We source from responsible suppliers

Our suppliers are governed by, members of, and accredited by, multiple associations and policies that ensure quality, ethical sourcing, sustainability and standards in furniture and upholstery.

Alongside our own strict policies, we promise all furniture materials are sourced responsibly.

And that's why we are proud to be BCorp!

Creating a peaceful space

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We choose materials that are long lasting, with quality and longevity our priority.

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