What We Make

Sustainable. Thoughtful. Luxurious.

Bedding made better,
so you sleep easier.

We found the softest, most environmentally-friendly textile in the world, and then we tested it to find the perfect weave.

The results are breathtaking: super soft, incredibly smooth and exquisite to sleep in.

You will question why you ever slept in anything else.

We exclusively use 100% TENCEL™, which is harvested from sustainable eucalyptus trees in Austria.

It's produced using a closed loop manufacturing process, meaning all our products are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Our TENCEL™ is sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning that koalas and other animal friends get to keep their homes.

Softer than cotton,
as smooth as silk.

Truly unlike any other bedding fabric in existence, our eucalyptus fibre is:

- Naturally hypoallergenic (no added nasties, we leave it to nature)

- Best regulator of body temperature (breathable and cosy simultaneously)

- More hygienic (stay fresher for longer and require less washing)

- Zero static (caring for your skin and hair whilst you sleep)

Eucalyptus fibres are more environmentally sustainable than cotton (even the organic stuff), requiring less land and 95% less water during production.

Not withstanding the 2,000 chemicals used in conventional cotton production - we only use one and it's non-toxic.

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"Homes are personal, which primarily should feel like you.

We simply design bedding to help you feel yourself."

James Higgins, Founder

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