What We Believe

Creating a better world.

We help you,
to feel like you.

Comfort is a feeling we experience when the physical world combines with our emotions.

We design our products to trigger that feeling.

It's hard to describe the feeling of perfect comfort...

But if you could, it would be close to what you experience when you get into our sheets.


Company Ethos.
Life Ethos.

Our values are simple, and they align to how we live everyday as a family:

- Listen to others and treat them with respect and dignity.

- Give something back to improve the world a little bit at a time.

- Enjoy yourself and be grateful for small pleasures every day.

- Help someone new smile whenever you can.

Want to learn more?

"Most companies disregard anything but profit.

We exist to prove you can do things differently."

James Higgins, Founder

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