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Our Reason To Exist

Our goal is to help make our customers more comfortable, whilst also making the planet more comfortable. That's why all products are earth-friendly, skin-friendly and cruelty-free.

Plus we make regular, meaningful charitable donations to World Wildlife Fund and various environmental sustainability initiatives.

Cotton uses a huge amount of water, damages natural habitats, directly hurts animals and pollutes our planet. All to create the stuff we sleep in. That isn't fair.

We prefer to leave things better than how we found them, so our bedding is made differently:

Doesn't hurt the planet when we make it

Improves your sleep quality when you use it

Won't pollute the planet when you're finished with it

Make Your Positive Impact


Award-winning Eucalyptus

Naturally Softer

Perfectly round fibre filaments means lower surface friction. Dermatologist recommended.

Zero Static

Caring for your skin and hair whilst you sleep, with the same natural properties as silk.

Temperature Regulating

Best regulator of body temperature for perfect sleep. Breathable and cosy simultaneously.

More Hygenic

Stays fresher for longer and requires less washing. Dry and hostile environment for bacteria growth.

Sustainable Eucalyptus

Grown in biodiverse farms, responsibly managed and governed by Forest Stewardship Council.

Zero Toxic Chemicals

No herbicides, pesticides or toxic chemicals are required, we leave it entirely up to nature.