Eucalyptus Bedding

Forest to Fabric

Our Award-Winning Process

1. Forest

Our eucalyptus trees are grown in responsibly managed European forests governed by the Forest Stewardship Council.

They are harvested rather than uprooted so they grow back quickly.

They require minimal water to grow and are found on land which is unsuitable for agriculture.

No natural habitats are destroyed and we more than replenish our supply.

2. Wood

The first step of our award-winning, environmentally responsible process is to take the sustainably sourced raw material - eucalyptus wood.

Our process to turn eucalyptus wood into fibre has an extremely low environmental impact when compared with cotton.

We use 95% less water, substantially less land, and zero herbicides or pesticides.

3. Pulp

The wood pulp is dissolved in a non-toxic chemical called Amine Oxide, which reduces it down into a cellulose viscous solution.

There are no toxic chemicals, and all our bedding carries OEKO-TEX organic certification for ultimate peace of mind.

4. Fibre

This solution is then extruded through extremely fine holes, which creates our raw fibre.  

99% of the chemicals, water and waste is then reused in the unique closed loop system.

The closed loop system protects the environment, conserves energy, and saves even more water.

5. Yarn

The fibre is spun into a yarn ready for weaving by our 100-year-old, three generation, family-owned manufacturing partners in Portugal.

They're global textiles experts, with everyone paid more than a fair living wage, in fantastic working conditions, and are widely considered the best in the world at what they do.

6. Fabric

This unique process was awarded the Environmental award in 2000 by the European Union and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

All our fabric is woven with a 4:1 sateen weave for the perfect luxury drape and feeling of ultimate comfort.

The only thing left to do, is to get into bed and snuggle!

Award Winning

Winner of 'European Award for the Environment' by the European Union

Awarded 'European Community Eco-label Flower' for products with reduced environmental impact

Carries the International Standard 'OEKO-TEX 100 Certification' to certify it contains no harmful substances

Eucalyptus vs. Cotton

100% Earth Friendly

In every way imaginable

Sustainable Eucalyptus

100% certified TENCEL™

Softer than Cotton

As smooth as silk and gets even softer

Less Water

Uses 95% less water and considerably less land


Kinder to your body

Zero Static

Better for skin & hair

Cooler Feel

Perfect sleeping temperature

More Hygienic

Naturally cleaner & fresher for longer