What is a Super King Bed? Where to Buy It - Ethical Bedding

May 13, 2020 2 min read

A Super King size bed is 180 cm by 200 cm, which in imperial dimensions equals 6 feet in width and 6 feet 6 inches in length. It's not the largest bed available in the UK (which is the Emperor measuring a whopping 215 cm by 215 cm, or 7 foot by 7 foot). We have slept in a Super King bed for many years now and it is plenty big enough for my big frame, my wife and (far too often!) our two dogs!

Most of us share our beds, whether that is with your partner, children or pets. So it's always sensible to invest in the largest bed that fits your bedroom and your budget. It really should be viewed as an investment in your well being, because more space always equals a more restful sleep with less chance of being disturbed.

For your new Super King size bed, you should invest in the following items:

Super King Duvet Cover: 220 x 260 cm.

Super King Fitted Sheet: 183 x 200 cm. Typically 15 inches depth is perfect for most beds and gives plenty of wriggle room, even with thick mattresses or mattress toppers.

Super King Size Pillowcase: You could create your bed with regular size pillows 50 x 75 cm, or if you prefer try 50 x 90 cm to fill out the bed more). At Ethical Bedding Company, we offer regular pillows as standard because that's what the majority of our customers require - but we are launching larger Pillow Cases soon.

Super King Flat Sheet: 280 x 290 cm. We recommend completing your bed with a Superking Size Flat Sheet for hygiene, comfort as well as style. When using a flat sheet it's really easy to wash and keep clean, meaning that you can wash your duvet cover less. Additionally, it gives you the benefit of keeping you warmer with the additional sheet in the winter and also we sometimes just use the flat sheet on it's own during the peak summer temperatures. Finally, it enables you to offset your bed linen with a flash of complementary or contrasting colours.

Importantly, remember to view your sleep and bedroom furniture as an investment. Better sleep means feeling great, and achieving more!