Post Covid-19 Recovery: Why You Should Consider a Career Change

Post Covid-19 Recovery: Why You Should Consider a Career Change

Author: James Higgins

The Covid-19 pandemic left many of us out of work and rethinking many aspects of our lives. And as many difficult situations, you probably came out of it stronger and different. So, this may be an excellent year to make a drastic decision regarding your career path and returning to work after Covid. These are the reasons why you should consider a career change for a post-Covid-19 world. 

Your Career Could Disappear

Covid-19 has had an impact on many aspects of our society. One of the most significant changes is that it accelerated, even more, the use of technology in our daily activities. And the accelerated pace of tech developments was already threatening to replace many jobs. But now some professions may disappear sooner than we expected. Some positions have already disappeared because the risk of infection was too high.

So, one reason to change careers would be if your profession is slowly disappearing. If you lost your job and have a hard time finding another in the same niche, maybe it is a sign. Do a little research to determine the job outlook and consider making the change. A good option for obvious reasons is to choose a tech career. 

Almost all tech companies had a massive increase in demand because of the pandemic. You will probably have plenty of opportunities if you decide to become a data scientist or UX designer

You've Changed

Change is part of life. And people tend to change just by existing. We learn from experiences, and every year we grow and become new versions of ourselves. It is not so farfetched to think that maybe you changed enough not to feel happy with your career anymore. Also, with each stage in life, we have different goals, priorities, and passions. 

What you chose when you were in your teens may not suit you anymore. Let's face it—not many people know what they want to do with their life at 18 or 20. Consider the possibility that you are a different person that wants other things, and to get them, you may have to choose a different career path. For example, maybe you want a job that gives you more flexibility—you can become a web developer and work on the road. 

You're Tired and Burnout

Job burnout can happen to anyone, and it can be physical or emotional exhaustion. When this happens, you can't find the motivation to do your work and are tired all the time. It can have many sources, including too much stress, years doing the same kind of work, or problems with your manager or coworkers. 

If work is causing you to start feeling fatigued or irritated by the little things, or if you have begun to suffer from insomnia or are consuming alcohol excessively, then you may have a case of job burnout. Once you realize this, you can take some time off work to think about your options. 

Sometimes, taking a vacation and spending time with family and friends will be enough to make you feel rejuvenated and come back to work healthier. But, if after taking some time off, you are still dreading going to work, then you should consider changing careers. 

Too Much Stress

Another reason to consider changing career is that your working environment brings too much stress into your life. Too much stress for an extended period can bring many health issues. It can be mental health issues like anxiety, personality disorders, and depression. And then acute physical problems like gastritis, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, and more. 

So, if you have a highly stressful job, it may be beneficial to your health to change your life. You can choose any other career that gives you more freedom or that has regular working hours. 

Not Enough Challenge

Sometimes, one of the reasons we get job burnout is because we get bored with our jobs. And that is a sign that our current position isn't challenging enough. Maybe it was when you started in the industry, but now you feel like you want to find something else that makes you more engaged. 

Also, the lack of engagement can be due to the office environment and culture in your company. Think about that before considering changing careers. But if you are sure that your current career isn't enough anymore, you should definitely make the change. 

An excellent option is to choose a tech career. They have great job outlooks and will probably be the bigger group of professionals in twenty or thirty years. You work on different projects all the time, the environment is fast-paced, and your job can make a real impact on society. Plus, you can learn the needed skills quickly and affordably with a coding bootcamp.

You Want More Money

We are always listening about how money doesn't buy you happiness, and you shouldn't build your life around how much money you have or make. But, the reality is that money does make life a lot easier, and if you want to make more money than what you're currently making, that's completely acceptable. 

You may also need more money to support your family or have a more comfortable life. No matter the reason, wanting to change career to a path that has higher salaries is an excellent option. Identify which soft and hard skills you already have and which careers will adapt best to that. That way, you will choose the one that requires you to learn fewer abilities. 

Mistakes to Avoid

The Covid-19 pandemic has also impacted our mental health, even if we haven't realized it yet. Many of us are feeling down and unmotivated with everything that is happening. So, you should make sure you are in the right mental state to make a decision as huge as changing careers. 

Another mistake people tend to make is that they make the decision to change careers, quit their job, and then realize they don't have the money to pay for the education they need. So, research everything carefully before making any hasty decisions. Remember that this will change your life and the life of your family if you have one, so consider all the outcomes before taking the leap.