It's been an ongoing debate in our home for some time, because I would have the house full of plants if it were left up to me!


So why are indoor plants good for us?

  • Naturally absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen (ferns are particularly good at this).
  • Increase indoor humidity levels which prevents common colds and combats dry skin.
  • Remove harmful toxins and help clean the air clean
  • Keep us chilled and relaxed. Humans thrive when surrounded by nature and natural world, so why not bring a little bit inside your home? - being around nature and greenery is good for the soul.
  • Nurturing them is rewarding and enjoyable
  • Splash some colour and easily complement room decorations with the plant and the pot


Finding your ideal plant

Historically, we had always just chosen ones that we liked the look of. That is an important factor, but not we are a bit more disparaging.

  • Sometimes we forget to water our plants... If you often forget then try Cacti or Succulents or Aloe Sansevieria. Succulents and Cacti love natural sunlight, so this might be a good choice if you have a sunny spot in mind. Aloe Sansevieria are more at home in the shade meaning they are perfect for bedrooms, plus they have the added benefit that they are one of the best oxygen producers.
  • If you're someone that loves watering regularly then try a Fern. They are very thirsty and will even prosper in rooms without a lot of natural light.

Remember, you can always ask for advice at your local gardening centre to give you more confidence in what you choose.


Simple care tips

We have had to modify and learn which plants work best for us and our lifestyle given our relatively poor track record of keeping them healthy historically!

  • Plants with thicker leaves require less water, which means things don't go wrong so quickly if you forget to water them.
  • Have a routine to check up on your house plants weekly.
  • Feed your house plants with a simple fertiliser every 3-4 weeks (off the shelf is fine!).


Create a new feel in your bedroom

Experiment and see what works in your bedroom to create the right feel and brighten up forgotten areas. They might serve as a wonderful reminder about your beautiful, eco-friendly Eucalyptus bed linen!