Can Somebody Please Explain Thread Count?

Can Somebody Please Explain Thread Count?

Author: James Higgins

The myth

There's a common misconception that the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the sheets... Let us explain how it really works!


The truth

Thread count simply represents the number of threads that are woven into ever square inch of fabric. For instance, a 300 thread count bed sheet consists of 150 vertical and 150 horizontal threads. As with most things in life, there is a capacity at which you cannot physically fit any more in to the available space (such as dogs and children in my house!).

Consumers typically associate a higher number with being better or higher quality. This is just a clever marketing ploy though and more often than not, manufacturers will simply create their long threads by twisting shorter, lower-quality fibres together. If you twist them tightly enough, your 300 thread count sheet becomes a 600 thread count sheet. Note that this isn't any better quality, but simply because it is made from multiple-ply threads...


What does this mean for me?

A typical shopper won't stop to consider any of this. They'll take one look at the label, assume that they should pay a little more for a higher (but not better quality) thread count product. The net result is that they will pay more money for an inferior product. You could call it clever marketing - we think it is is insincere!

Typically, after a couple of washes, the ends of the fibres will start to come loose and may pill. Ahhh yes, that's where those little 'bobbles' come from that look bad and irritate your skin! Not only is it noticeably irritating on your skin, these multiple-ply cheap solutions create a thicker texture to your sheets which restricts air flow and causes you to overheat during sleep. So you will end up with poorer sleep quality and an unhygienic product.


So how can I be sure?


Well, you can buy TENCEL™, which naturally mitigates against these issues. Ethical Bedding Company bed linen is long-staple and single-ply, which we weave into genuine thread count products without any tricks. Our longer fibres create a finer, higher quality and better feeling yarn, meaning the strongest, smoothest sheets that are better for your skin.

Our 300 thread count single-ply weave which gives the perfect balance between durability and luxury.

Try for yourself, totally risk-free!